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  1. Very nice scope, Mark and welcome to the club I recently bought an LZOS 130 f/9 (0.974 Strehl) from a colleague in Germany and am very happy with it. Instead of opting for the heavy APM tube with 3.7" focuser (an additional 2000 EUR at APM) he had mounted the cell inside a Bresser Messier 127L OTA and had kept the 2.5" HEXAFOC with 10:1 reduction. To be honest, I am really happy that I went with this lightweight solution. The OTA is nicely flocked inside and has a sufficient number of baffles (4). I never noticed any stray light or glare entering the tube. It also cools down quickl
  2. I really think that the EQ6-R Pro is the way to go in your case. Honestly, if weight wasn't my major concern compared to the CEM60, I would also choose this mount. But heart surgery forces me to really cut the load when carrying equipment. That's why I will probably opt for the CEM60 (non EC) as the next new mount for me. Trevor Jones over at AstroBackyard.com has gained a lot of experience with this mount (and also the CEM60) over the past months and he highly recommends the EQ6-R Pro. Don't worry about cable management so much. The money you save from buying the EQ6 vs the CEM60 can be
  3. I am located just 20 km east of Oslo. I usually buy from Teleskop-Express in Germany or from whatever country with the best exchange rate compared to Norwegian kroner After paying 25% import duties it doesn't make a huge difference though compared to buying from a Norwegian dealer. The problem is more that you cannot get certain things in Norway. Astrosweden and Teleskop-Express have the best deals on EQ6-R Pro (12.500 NOK) currently. The CEM60 w/o tripod is available for 15.600 NOK from Teleskop-Express right now. There is a waiting time of 4 weeks, however.
  4. I am undecided what mount to buy right now. iOptron CEM40, CEM60 or Skywatcher EQ6-R Pro. I will either use a lightweight refractor for widefield imaging (around 2.5 kg) or a 130 mm F6 APO (8.5 kg incl. tube rings and dovetail bar) plus CCD (0.5kg), 60m guidescope with rings and guidecam (1.5kg). The total weight for the larger imaging setup will be less than 12 kg incl all accessories. Question: will the CEM40 be sufficient for this job or should I consider the CEM60 instead? I also looked at the EQ6-R Pro as an alternative, but the additional 5 kg of weight compared to
  5. The only two things really bothering me is the limited latitude range (~60 degrees) as well as operating temperature (-10 degrees C) which makes in unsuitable for most of Scandinavia ? Otherwise a very portable and nice looking mount. Looks even better In combination with a red/black tri-pier. ?
  6. Thank you both for your comments and suggestions.
  7. Hi there! I have so far mainly used DSLR/webcam with my telescope but now like also to "observe". I don't have any eyepieces yet except for some really cheep Plossl eyepieces 40mm, 25mm and one Vixen Lanthanum 9 mm that I used occasionally when I owned a Nexstar 4 and 11) and I am looking for some advice what I should get. Telescope: 130/780 mm APO refractor Televue 2.5 PowerMate barlow Location: suburbs/small village with some light pollution from nearby streetlight (sigh) I wear glasses so need some eyepieces wirh good eye-relief Will probably start with lunar/planetary observation but also
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