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  1. Cheers people, it would seem the best thing for me is to do some reading. Will take a look at the book mentioned. As always thanks for the advice ☺
  2. Afternoon guys and gals, Hope you are all well. Just after a bit of advice please. Am thinking about attempting to get some photos of some the stuff I am looking at. As a starter camera I can get my hands on a canon 1200d at a decent price, would this be any good for me to start off with? Any advice and tips most welcome. Cheers Kev B
  3. Morning guys Thanks for the support and for taking the time to read my post. Will take a look at the suggested apps, cheers. "ghostdance" thanks for the info on what I was looking at on the surface of the moon Once again thanks for all the support from everyone, Kev b
  4. Evening people, Wow! I had a great nights viewing. As some of you may know I am a relative newbie. Had my first look at the moon, got a fantastic look at Jupiter and my best view of Venus so far. Am a very pleased boy. Jupiter was magnificent as normal, clear banding and could see 4 of her moons for the first time. Have purchased a filter since I was last out and this helped loads with Venus. Dulled her down a touch and got my first real look. Not sure if it was me but she didn't seem "full" to me. Sorry but I am not sure of the correct wording but does Venus go through phases just like the moon? (Crescent, full?) don't laugh I am new don't forget
  5. Morning people Thanks for all the replys and advice. Will take a look at the apps suggested thanks. Trynda1701 thanks for the info on Jupiters moons and star cluster and cheers people for the Jupiter apps, brilliant. Once again everyone's been great and helped me out. My scope is a skywatcher explorer 130p thought that would be a good scope to start with. Loving it so far and having my eyes opened to just how magnificent the night sky is! Cheers Kev
  6. Evening guys and gals, Another great evening and clear sky's over Warrington.
  7. Kev B


    Welcome, I am also a newbie and only found these guys a few weeks ago myself, but have found them all to be a very helpful and information filled bunch. I already feel at home and a welcomed member. Good luck with your new scope Kev b
  8. Cheers guys Must admit I do feel at home on here already and its only been two weeks. Thanks for all the advice am sure it won't be that last lot I get from you guys. Will have a look around tonight at the other stuff, sky's permitting. Once again thanks. Kev
  9. Well tonight was my first night out ever with my first ever scope. ( skywatcher explorer 130p ) I wanted to keep it easy so went for Jupiter and Venus. Not sure if I haven't done something but Venus was so bright I couldn't really see much? Jupiter however blow me away, I could make out the banding on the planet itself and what I think we're 3 of her moons. I was amazed and already think that my money has been well spent. I also have a new pair of binoculars and again was amazed on just how much is up there that you don't see with the naked eye, the sky is totally packed. Is this all new to me, I feel 10 years old again. Will have a look to see if everything is lined up on the scope tomorrow, any advice? Finger crossed for clear sky's again tomorrow. Sorry if I come across a bit excited but I just wanted to share it with people who would understand, you were all newbies once lol Cheers Kev
  10. Cheers guys However I won't be doing anything tonight as whilst unpacking it I have noticed that part of the mount is snapped and in two bits. Gutted does not come close to how I am feeling right now, but hey that's life. I got it from First Light Optics and have just e:mailed them now am sure they will sort it as they seem to be a pretty good company from what most people say on here. Will just have to wait for a return. One the plus point my bino's should arrive in a day or two so will have a gander around with these. Kev
  11. Wow am blown away by all the replays, I am really starting to feel at home already thanks guys My scope... I decided to go with the skywatcher 130p ( ordered some bino's as well but not arrived yet ) The 130p it had some good reviews and seemed a good choice for a complete newbie like myself, hope i picked well? Just hoping for clear sky's prob like everyone else !
  12. Morning people, Well it was a day late but my first scope has now arrived, feel like I am 10 years old again. The other great news is that I now have 5 days off work. Wonder if any of you guys and gals can give me some advice? Sky conditions permitting, I am eager to get outside later this evening. What can I do today to prepare, any advice would be great. Don't forget I am a complete beginner so any advice no matter how small will be a great help. Thanks in advance Kev
  13. Ahhh brilliant thanks a bunch it's now all become clear. Super Thanks for helping me out
  14. Thanks for all the welcomes people, I feel at home already
  15. Hi people, Am really sorry if this question sounds stupid but I am really new to all of this. (Not even had delivery of my first scope yet, it arrives tomorrow) Right I will just ask.........can anybody explain the difference between eyepieces and Barlow lenses? Am not looking at getting any as I am sure it's going to be best for me to get to grips with what is arriving with my scope ( skywatcher 130p ) I am just hearing a lot about them and am lost? Once again really sorry if it's a stupid question?! Cheers
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