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  1. Hi Swoop1 Yes I agree! It has certainly worked for me.....I hope the glare is tamed by the shade and repositioning.Just awaiting a date Brutie
  2. Hey Toxic ! That's a great light shade and ingenius fitting. Very impressive. I just heard back from the Council .......they have agreed to lower the new lamp to reduce the glare and also fit a shade ! Wow what a result ! Cost £180 for the contractor and £8 for the shade - Council happily agreed to pay for the lot. I'm so glad I bothered to contact the council. Brutie
  3. Well I ordered the bolts on Tuesday and they arricved Wednesday from http://www.westfieldfasteners.co.uk and I re assembled the mount and fitted the bolts Thursday. All seems good. I ensured that mount was adjusted properly so that the head will rock smoothly and the new bolts work nicely. I even managed to revise the fitting to my pier so the head fits a bit more snugly which will aid in easier polar alignment. Just one minor cock up. When I disassembled the mount there were two transparent discs (greased) one was same size as the metal disc with the grub screws, and the other is larger and is slightly larger diameter than the Nameplate badge. On re assembley, I fitted the smaller greased disc between the metal plate that the grub screws engage with and the mount casing ie at the back of the metal disc (Is that correct ?) but I can't recall where the larger disc should go. Could someone confirm its correct location. I should have written it down but of course I didn't , though I thought that it went inside the nameplate but for what reason ? Would appreciate any help on this embarassing failure in my brain . However I am pleased with the new smoother alt adjustment. Now need a bit of clear sky to do the PA. Best wishes all, Brutie Observatoire Brutie North Wales
  4. Hi Peter, Thanks for that tip. Well I took the bull by the horns at the weekend and disassembled the mount. The side plates came off fairly easily with a small craft knife .....wish I had tried the hair dryer trick but anyway they came off without damage. You were spot on with the friction grub screws ....far too tight . A quarter turn to slacken them off a tad and the head rocked smoothly like Status Quo. Even the great big bolt unscrewed really easily. I went on and disassembled the two halves of the casing to get a look at the damaged lower Alt bolt and I could see the thread was damaged about 20mm from the end. I was able to remove the bolt by sawing it off outside the casing with a junior hacksaw then unscrewing the damaged end from the inside of the casing by squeezing my fingers into the space in the casing - twiddly but easy enough to unscrew..... I was lucky I had not tried to force it out as it could have got jammed which would have been a real problem. A large sigh of relief from me !! I shall either order sone stainless hex bolts (plan A) but will also check out the bolts from 365 Astro - if they are reasonable price I may opt for those. Thanks very much for the tips. I had never heard about the need to check the friction adjustment - I think a lot of users may have damaged their bolts if they were over tightened at the factory. I checked out the Astronmomy Centre website last night - very impressive indeed ! I hope that one day I shall be able to visit the site. Best wishes, Brutie
  5. Hi Neil Thanks for that tip I will contact Zoltan and see how much they cost
  6. They didn't mention anything about me paying so I'm keeping quiet on that ! However I have read that they have an obligation to minimise any nuisance or light pollution into homes at night............teh light also interefres with my sleeping Brutie
  7. I e mailed the community council today and they said they have added several shades in the area. Cost is £5 for the shade and £180 fitting . They will put my request on the agenda at next meeting on 19 October. Sending them some photos tomorrow. Will report back here ! Brutie
  8. Hi Swoop 1 Thanks for that .... a very good idea and simple (which is always good). I may even have some suitable ,materials in the garage....I'll search it out tomorrow Thanks again. Rgds Brutie
  9. Thanks Seelive and Peter . So stainless it will be. But........ Today I took the mount off the pier to remove the bolts and measure them for my SS bolt order, and to test the tightness of the head movement per Peter's suggestion. Two issues. 1) The uppr Alt bolt came out easily but the lower bolt did not. It was fine up until the last few mm when it just tightened right up and would not come out any further. It screws back in and out again AOK un til the last few mm so I think I may have a damaged end on the bolt....perhaps through too much force on the bolt at some time. I cannot see what's going on inside so hard to be sure. I don't want to force it for fear of damaging the thread on the mount. 2) I tried rocking the head with one bolt out and one partly out as descibed above. This was very difficult but after quite a lot of pulling and pushing I can now get it to move but it's not very easy and it moves jerkily which suggests it is too tight. It'scertainly not smooth at all . So this might be another issue for closer inspection. Is it possible to to open up the head to see if there's any adjustment possible on the head ? If so what's the method ? It looks like it may be possible to remove the circular Skywatcher badge and / or the Alt scale plate and get inside. If I can do that I may be able to see the end of my non removable bolt as well. I don't want to proceed without some advice for fear of messing the whole thing up. Any ideas guys ? Thanks ! Brutie Edit.......just saw on astro baby's website that there is are adjustment screws behind the Alt dial. There is also a great big hex bolt head ! So I am assuming that the other end is behind the Skywatcher name plate on the other side. If I could access both ends of that big bolt maybe I can separate the two parts of the head to see what us going on inside . I don't think there's much else in there other than a big bolt ? Ideas. Anyone?
  10. Hi Peter W Yes some baffles would be nice but climbing up a light pole (or in my case a power pole with a light on it) might be a no no unless you are nimble.... and quick. Sadly in my case it's too close to a road for me to do that safely. I like your cosy hat ....very fetching....is that Gucci ? Brutie
  11. Thanks Seelive and Almcl. I had forgotten completely that the Councils sometimes fit these nice shades if you ask nicely. Thanks for reminding me. So I have today traced the appropriate Council ( in my case my local Community Council) and e mailed them to ask for a shade. I'll report back when I get a response .....fingers crossed ! Kind regards, Brutie
  12. Hi Everyone, My local council has removed the old sodium street lamp from nearby my observatory and installed an LED. This is better than the old lamp but it is still causing me trouble when I am observing. I want to make some DIY pop up screens to mount on my obsy wall. Has anyone figured out a clever way of doing this withpout too much faff or mioney ? I was thinking of some black ripstop nylon fabric and some lightweight sticks which I could somehow or fold up onto the top of the wall of the obsy but have not quite worked out how to keep the fabric taught. Any ideas ? Thanks ! Brutie
  13. Hi Everyone, I know this topic comes up from time to time but I need some advice . One of my Az bolts on my HEQ5Pro has bent so I have decided to get some suitable hex bolts from here http://www.westfieldfasteners.co.uk So I may as well get some for the Alt while I am at it . This mount is permanently mounted in my observatory so I can live with hex bolts and a spanner as I will only be polar aligning occasionally. So can anyone confirm for me whether I should be buying stainless steel or high tensile steel , or maybe it does not matter ? Also can anyone tell me if I am likely to be able to file down the Alt bolts to a rounded ("Dog Point") profile like the original SW ones. I know SS is quite hard so I'm not sure if a file or grinder wheel in my Black & Decker would do the job. And finally I see there are some fancy handles here https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/clamping-levers/0478692/ These look promising but I don't see how they can be used ie I can see that they can tighten a bolt but surely the handle with unscre itself if you try to unscrew the bolt itself during alignment ? They need some form of locking mechanism. What am I missing ? Any help most appreciated Brutie
  14. Hi Everyone, Thanks so much for all the responses. Lots of great suggestions and ideas and I am studying all of them carefully. Apologies for this delayed acknowledgement but I have been without internet for a month :-( Final design and construction will begin shortly ! Best wishes to All. Brutie
  15. Hi Garry Ok thanks for that. Any reply from Council yet ? I have found that it can all depend on who at council deals with your enquiry .....some will ignore anything they consider trivial while another will at least reply or maybe actually do something ! I am away on holiday but will contact Flintshire Council when I get back. I am hoping my street light is actually Flints CC because if it is Parish council they are a waste of time. We'll see. Sorry for late response but have had no internet for a month. Kind regards, Brutie
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