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  1. Totally. I just cannot wait for James Webb to be ready and make new crazy discoverys. Amazing image again my friend
  2. Incredible shot, wow ! I went on your site for the higher version and looked closer at it. What is that big dot on the right ? Another nebulae ? Not a color we often see
  3. Yes i've had the chance to observe it for the last 4 month and rarely missed my chance on good weather. I see the moon very well. That said since one week jupiter is not visible no more in my area, Saturn took its place i got a very good view on it its cool. John : I think you are right man ... When I was out for a longer period of time looking at it I could see the other bend. Those using 14 inch scope do not use any filter ? Xtreem : Thanks man
  4. Hi everyone ! Few info to help you find out my problem. Scope : XT10 Classic Dobsonian Orion Eye piece : Orion Planetary 6MM fully multi-coated ( cause me some problem but work good ) // Orion Sirius plossl 25MM multi coated (work fine) // 2x Barlow // 3.5x cheap eye piece (dont like it, bad detail) I have 2 question. I wanted an abordable scope for watching deep space and I am very happy with my Dobsonian. Everything is fine when I am watching from 10x+, That said when I am watching with my 6x I cannot see any detail on Saturn's disk and I barely see the main band of gaz and eye on Jupiter ... There are 2 reason why I can't see much detail. o Main reason is it's way to bright. I was expecting it ... my scope is better for deep space than planet. o Second reason is it is blurry sometimes. My first few nights with my 6x I was like oh my god ! It was so blurry. its not because of dew, but as the planet move in my view, it change height and width and size then get a bit blurry then become just fine. At first I thought my eye piece was wrong, then after 3 bad night, I had some incredible sharp view no matter where it was in the field of view. Question : o For the main problem, the brightness, are there some filter's I can buy so that details pop out ? o For the sharpness, Am I right to think that it is just because its summer so its warm, humid, sun's up way longer ... condition are just less than ideal and some day will be better than others. Unfortunately I received this scope just as summer began so I am expecting better performance in winter. o Oh and a third question, what should I expect to see if I buy a solar filter. Any good detail of the sun or it will still be too bright. My first night out, our summer is terrible temperature were still cold
  5. Hi everyone. I have an Orion XT10 Classic Dobsonian telescope which is of course not made for solar observation but I was wondering if it was possible for me to buy those solar filter sheet and build my own sun filter.
  6. hahaha, ahhh I knew it ! Nasa are liars. ah well that make sense, the fact that it is too close. That said ... Hubble is giving really good image of Jupiter and Saturn.
  7. Well that's the point, that's what I thought galaxy look like this 13 billion light years away so why can't we see a dwarf planet in our own solar system haha. These incredible picture of nebulae are super HD but so much far away. I understand they are ENORMOUS to compare to Pluto but hey Pluto is so close I just dont get it why its not a sharper image.
  8. Hey everyone ! Just a quick question. I was told that this is the best picture hubble has ever taken from Pluto. I was just wondering how Hubble can see 13 billion light years away, and not be able to take a clear shot of Pluto ...
  9. I remember one of these theory, and if I recall correctly it was because the GRB has hit the earth, but in my question its really if the GRB or quasar ONLY hit the sun, avoiding the earth. What kind of reaction would it create on the sun. Cuz I agree, if it hit the earth the atmosphere would never resist to such a force, and then life would mostly be gone.
  10. I dont know man .... the particle shot by the quasar would not interact with the sun in my opinion, and I wonder if the wind would be strong enough to mess with the very compact gaz ...
  11. Hey! I was wondering ... what do you guys think would happen if a quaasar or Gamma Ray Burst was hitting our sun ? My guess is nothing at all, but maybe there are some things I am not considering ... like the strenght of the wind produced by the quasar or GRB
  12. I bought this exact same scope 1 month ago and so far i was happy with it. You get decent view of the planets, amazing view of the moon and great for deep sky observation.
  13. Hey folks, I am always careful with link sent to me, some of them claiming the end of the world will be tomorrow because of a large asteroid that do not even exist. Anyway, this link was sent to me and I cannot find anything about it on Nasa Web Site. I was wondering if you have had this info and can confirm it ? http://rt.com/news/225367-radio-waves-deep-space/
  14. Thats video was ... simply amazing. Thank you so much
  15. Yes sorry, I had a hard time explaining it with my bad english
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