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  1. Yes. Bear in mind it's on a phone camera, through two sheets of toughened, weathered window glass. It's by no means ideal enough to avoid distortion of both shape and colour. It was the only thing I could see in the West, and Venus is our brightest thing in the night sky at the moment.
  2. Not been around the forum for a while, but have been keeping my head tilting back. I flew back from fuertevenura yesterday and at 710pm I was over Exeter, northbound to Manchester. I opened the blind and was amazed at the dusk view and was equally amazed at being able to see the curvature of the Earth.... Even if it was ever so slightly. I took a photo with my Nexus 6P, thinking "cool... I got a star in on the deal." I've just loaded up stallarium and wound back, faced West and boom, I've only gone and captured Venus.... Cheeky little minx.... Or at least I'm sure I have d
  3. Saw this on my Feedly... next time you hear sirens when your setting up your scope, they may be coming for you. http://www.universetoday.com/122090/watch-where-you-point-that-scope-police-mistake-telescope-for-a-gun/
  4. Not long had my new starter 114eq.... Got new lenses in, got meself a 2x, 3x and 5x barlow, got me a decent eq5 stand and a decent red dot finder and a couple of neb filters..... New astro year resolution? Step 1 find elephant trunk nebula, step 2, capture it. Baby steps.
  5. Ive bought a powerseeker 114eq which is pretty cool for the price. Even with the boxed eq mount, it wont be that heavy although as someone else has said, a new mount will probably end up being tour next buy. I managed to pick up an eq5 for £125 and it will be good for my next tube, which im hoping to be a 12" newt.
  6. For anyone elses reference, all three of the bars on the above FLO link will fit the rings from a celestron onto my eq5. I went therefore for the medium one for added stability.
  7. yes i may have to do that. I was thinking longer the better, especially for future heavier OTA. I think my concern is more whether the longer dovetails have a different size dovie bit that slots into the EQ5. So have contacted FLO. John
  8. Are sw tube rings the same as celestron rings?
  9. It came with rings but no dovetail, the original mount isnt a dovetail socket.
  10. This is another one ive seen http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dovetail-plate-19-cms-for-Celestron-SkyWatcher-Meade-Telescope-Mount-PS19-/390663370799
  11. Hi guys. Ive just received my new (used) SW EQ5 mount and tripod to replace the standard wobblepod that came with my celestron 114eq tube. Feels real solid. Now i need a dovetail saddle bar doofer to attach the scopes rings to the mount. Ive seen these on FLO but not sure which to go for. http://www.firstlightoptics.com/dovetail-bars/skywatcher-dovetail-mounting-plates.html would they all work? The shortest one looks most likely as i can clearly see the holes my rings would screw into. Anyone able to advise?
  12. Update, SW EQ-5 purchased about three hours ago.... £100, even has tracking motor but the motor needs repairing, still.... bargain me thinks.
  13. Thanks guys, so it should move with the scope. Will try it when i get home and the 360 degree spin suggestion is good thanks.
  14. Hi On my cheapo wobbly eq mount, the right ascension setting circle moves when i adjust the scope. I dont yet understand the setting of it once ive polar aligned anyway, but when i move the scopes right ascension from then on the circle keeps slipping. This cant be right can it? Sorry if this is a daft question. J
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