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  1. Ooze


    When I find that mythical vacuum I'll let you know. For the most part I have very little down time, though work allows some alone time and night viewing. 2) I prefer the basic amount of anonymity the internet provides us, though I study in a major college located in Dallas proper. I'd rather not specify which but it's one of two, I hope this does not offend as it's not intended to do so. I truly enjoy Astronomy and most applications of Science. Though as noted, I have little time so I purchased a second hand Celestron AstroMaster 114 with the EQ mount. I might have wanted to shop around a bit more for something a bit nicer in terms of specs to go on with for a while. However my investment was $75.00 so I am very happy, for now. Depending on production values, I usually have time to brew some coffee and eat an early morning croissant while surveying the sky. It's an early morning routine that's made the last 3 yrs. worth while. Aside from essentially playing chemist in a kitchen! You better believe it. Ranger's and The Mavericks. When time permit!
  2. Ooze


    Hello, my online handle is Ooze. I reside in Dallas, TX, I am a artisan bread baker by night and a physics student by day. I'm here to learn, share, absorb and connect with everyone. I'm relatively new to owning a personal telescope, though I'm well versed in Astronomy. I'm excited to take this big leap into a forever expanding and changing subject with you all! Thanks in advance for reading!
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