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  1. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Thanks Geof, i had a role on role off many years ago and i always promised myself when i finally settled in a house i no longer wanted to move from i would have my dream obsy, so thats exactly where i am at right now..... the saving funds however are depleting rapidly lol but thankfully i am almost finished.
  2. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Cheers Jim, makes me very proud to know that you would like something similar. As for cost !!!! I daren't add it up to be honest but if i had to make an estimate thus far i would say i am hundred quid or so ether side of 6k including the dome and i havent finished
  3. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Thats very kind, thank you so much.
  4. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Any way aside from posting images (apologies) here is that thread.
  5. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Thats right Kev, i am an old fashion visual astronomer really but i am dabbling with the ZWO web cam CCD imaging on the Moon and Planets mainly although i have had some success on nebulae and star clusters so im not really that involved with the long exposure element side so field rotation isnt an issue ...... yet There is a thread on here somewhere where people have taken some incredible pics dedicated to just alt/az mounts. Here are some first attempts with my CCD i did earlier this year. I was most impressed with M57, this is actually how it came out !! i havent added any colour or anything, just stacked it in registax and saved an image, im still learning all the formats. M13 came out equally impressive, remember these really are my first attempts at not only using the CCD but experimenting with the software too.
  6. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Hahaha thanks James, I did design it around what a walled pulsar dome would be like but increasing the internal floor has compromised the ergonomics of a straight bend and under you go entrance but like i say hitting it sideways is actually easier then it sounds. I am only 5'7" also so that kinda helps. My late mother and I where not blessed with height, she always said we were vertically challenged
  7. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Hi Kev, It is deceptive. The partition door is the same as a pulsar dome door of 1.2m clear, the only difference is once stepped through into the dome area from the warm room you go up a 8" step so there is a slight knack in stepping through and up but it's relatively easy as I've discovered that stepping through sideways and then standing up is actually quite easy and now the norm. I was worried about it but it's not noticble once done a couple of times.
  8. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Managed to get the pier painted and the scope on today so I am operational as far as observing goes so gotta get my finger out now and get the decorating done. Shovelled 4t of 20mm limestone in around the obsy and my freshly laid pavers so outside is about there apart from a bush here and there.
  9. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Been paving all weekend so not much done other then i got the little 10" monitor sorted at the pier, dual screen on the pc works a treat so CCD focus can now be done at the scope and then off to the warm room for imaging. Lovely night here but with no scope installed yet I'm biting the bit. End of month should see it completed....just in time for a full moon
  10. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Got one of these little bad boys coming for the scope end....only 50squid !!! 10" monitor.... cant not really lol
  11. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Did a bit of tidying tonight and just slotted the ancillary port facias into the back box to see how it looks. I have room for one more at some point in the future, not sure what else needs to connect to a pc at this stage but the option is there. I have put an HDMI socket on there purely for focusing ease as my plan is to have the CCD camera open on the pc and then plug a 10" TFT screen in at the telescope end, on a mount on the pier so i can then switch to monitor 2 to fine focus at the scope then drop back in the warm room and select monitor 1 and proceed to capture any avi footage etc as it will be impossible to be at the scope, keep a self closing door open and contort oneself to see a screen in another room 10' away under a 1.2m door i will let you know if its a success
  12. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Thank you Gina
  13. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Absolutely Dave, its like the fibre glassing of the roof, it had someone else's job written all over it lol im pretty proficient at most basic woodworking due to my job as i quite often build summer houses, pergolas and decking platforms but specialised stuff is beyond my ability and im brave enough to admit it lol
  14. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    Clearly by all my other joinery attempts of the build you quite rightly thought.....he didnt do that lol and right you are sir hahaha Im also honest
  15. LeeRich

    A dream come true

    I would like to say thanks and it took some doing as the centre section is 2 pieces back to back due to its depth being deeper then 610 but the reality is..... it wasn't me a good friend of mine who owns a kitchen fitting company got me the units at cost and sent his joiner for the day for pound notes, but it is awesome, proper workmanship. I could never of got the joints like that...smooth as a babies you know what Cheers Dave.

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