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  1. A bottle of wine is one idea for this type of Neighbour. Free ear plugs is another....Dave
  2. My friend in South Africa has a dome with noisy rusty bearings that sets all the neighbourhood dogs off barking at 2am Nobody ever complains. They are probably not so mamby pamby there. That should cover the noise of the camera...........Dave
  3. Graeme,You have done a nice job raising the Pier. I have always liked the Altair Astro Pier but often thought why they did not make it taller or at least the availability of a tube extension and fitting system with Fracs and SCTs in mind. It would save a lot of work......Dave
  4. Hi, I replaced wooden boarding last year with lightweight metal sheets the same as you ,but ran into condensation problems which were sorted eventually. Hope you don't get the same problems
  5. If you can get a sharp focus it will have been a good investment of your £4..........Dave
  6. How would you fancy going down the garden on a windy night with this one !................Dave
  7. I think the size of the the eyepiece diameter was 0.96 ?. The mount was originally black.............Dave
  8. Hi, Sounds like my first scope 1969. like you say lovely wooden box that smelt of fresh pine. The 3 eyepieces supplied were smaller than 1.25". You got a barlow as well. Astro Optical Co inc Now Takahashi ? ...Dave
  9. No Need to buy any more kit now. The biggest fears are dropping something or getting gear nicked...Dave
  10. Celestron C11xlt OTA was just over £2000 this time last year. It's now currently at £2,450 . If you can get one!...Dave
  11. Hi , Certainly with film the higher the ISO the more grain in the image therefore you are right. Also true of digital. Sounds like he made an Oops! in his video presentation. .........Dave
  12. Good suggestion, I will give it a try, I suppose I could return to factory setting but would have to enter the details again...Dave
  13. Hi Does anyone know how to delete user defined objects in the Object List. The user manual tells you how to enter objects but not how to delete them.....Dave
  14. Me Too! It's been a long hard struggle getting it and has taken a while to cobble it all together. Be careful not to drop anything or get it nicked. Replacements will be for ever expensive, and shortages imminent
  15. Hello Michael, I must agree with you that F 10 is the best results I use F 6.3 for the open clusters ectc I have the Celestron SCT adaptor which gives 105mm length overall automatically for the canon. I have added a spacer ring to the system to give me an overall 110mm from the Nikon sensor to the rear lens of the focal reducer. However, I did not know that the Nikon flange distance was 46.5mm. I just carefully measured the overall distance.................Dave
  16. HI all, There is a Celestron video on you tube which recommends that the Camera Sensor should be 105mm from the focal reducer for best imaging results. I find that at this distance some vignetting occurs at the edge of the field. Also some stars are slightly vertical pear shape. However, on increasing the distance between the reducer and the sensor to 110mm things improve all round with good star images right to the edge of the field and no vignetting to speak of. I am using an IR/Cut filter with a modded Nikon with a Celestron C11 SCT and wonder if the longer focal length of the scope has any influence on the increased distance between reducer and sensor ? Any comments and advice would be appreciated...........Dave
  17. You would probably find deliveries a problem on the sticks and bells as well. Hey nonnie no!...Dave
  18. You are so right. The best I could find was 150w and that had poor write ups
  19. Yes that seems to be the root of the problem or at least a pretty accurate assumption
  20. I think you may have the answer with the little 300w Heater. It would be ideal if the heater was battery operated because I am not keen on leaving mains electrics on overnight. I will do a google and see if I can find one.......Dave
  21. Like many others, I have a C11xlt permanently sited under a dome. Last night was so cold the main mirror was fogged up on inspection this morning. I don't think a dew heater would have made much difference even if it had been on all night. Any comments welcome.......Dave
  22. I had a phase where I decided to forget the AP and concentrate solely on observing. I sold off all the camera gear and spent the money on a larger scope . That was a good move from an enjoyment point of view less frustrating and more relaxing and have seen many more deep sky objects since. Lately, I have been thinking of AP again and perhaps getting a modded DSLR. I was wondering if my GP can give me some tablets to make me forget about it. Whatever, the weather is the weather anyway...Dave
  23. Is the inside of the dome treated with that black anti- condensation paint ? (the brand name escapes me ) but it works well. My dome came already treated with this as standard...Dave
  24. I also use a tubular greenhouse heater in my fibre glass observatory in conjunction with a 12 volt 6 " diameter fan. This seems to work as well as the mains operated dehumidifier which I run as well if the conditions are really acute. Dave
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