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  1. Thanks for the input which must be pretty accurate. My views of deep sky objects from so called Bortle 5 my back garden are quite good except for galaxy spiral arms which prove elusive. Three miles down the road Whatton and Orston rural villages show dramatic improvement. Probably Bortle 4 there...Dave
  2. Hi, Is Bortle 5 classed as moderate light pollution or worse?.............Dave
  3. My lock and keys are the same design. Interesting point about planning permission on what is basically not a permanent structure. Maybe the size as the 2.7 looks a lot larger than the 2.2 metre Pulsar. Perhaps the council in question is not very progressive ..............Dave
  4. Astronomy is the road to poverty. Poverty is the only thing the American Dollar can't buy
  5. Hi, They are UNC Good suggestion Ebay or screwfix. You would think the screws would be provided with purchase of the v bar as hardware...Dave
  6. Hi All, I am looking for some Celestron screws for my C11. Purpose to fit a cg5 dovetail on top of the tube.The existing screws supplied with the OTA are too short. Any one know where I can get some slightly longer ones....Dave
  7. Hi John , I am practicing with the map overlays. fascinating stuff. You have a great observing location.......Dave
  8. Hi John, Thanks for the info.seems I am Bortle 5 at my location. 2 miles away it's Bortle3. I would never have found your map without your help........Dave
  9. I would like to know my Bortle reading from the back garden. but am not prepared to fork out £150 for a meter. The light pollution maps don't see to show enough detail. The mobile app seems to be inacurate showing my semi rural area as bortle 8. So have gave up on this one....Dave
  10. Looks nice and shaded on the pic. Strange how different planning authorities have different ideas, especially when you consider most conservatories and extensions are white anyway.............Dave
  11. IN RESPONSE TO COMMENT ON DOME COLOR My fiberglass dome was originally white with a black shutter. After some hours of being exposed to the summer sun, the black gel coat shutter felt really hot, whereas the white gel coat remained cool. I resprayed the black shutter white which cured the problem. I must conclude that white must be better than any darker shade in this respect as heat over a long period of time does no good to fiberglass...Dave
  12. The Pulsar dome I think is still made in sections. If one section is holed ,maybe Pulsar would supply an odd section as a one off. ........Dave
  13. Perhaps some of you remember Astronomical Equipment of Luton Known as A&E. Same period They offered a fixed latitude Equatorial which had 1.5" diameter axles. My order took 3 months on that. I eventually collected it myself in bits and spent the next fortnight assembling it myself. Worthwhile because the quality was there............Dave
  14. Ah yes a trip down memory lane. I bought an 8" Newtonian from Fullerscopes on a very solid EQ which took eight weeks to deliver. Eventually Dudley delivered it personally. I lived in Leicester then. I think a lack of available parts caused the slow delivery. It was a question of We make it but you try to get it. The perfect Gentleman..................................
  15. Interesting two page spread in the Daily Mirror (pages 22 & 23) concerning the reduction in light pollution during the current lock down. Should encourage more people to look up instead of at their feet...............Dave
  16. Hi, Anyone have a Celestron/Skywatcher Power tank surplus to requirements?. Please contact Dave...........<private email address removed>
  17. They won't be the Borg thats buying 'em it will be the Bog
  18. I plan to visit my Ex-Pat friend in the Canaries this summer virus permitting...Dave
  19. Possible due to lethargy and inefficiency. Zero tolerance don't go back there in the future..........Dave
  20. That high wind keeps the condensation away, and it's damaged next door's security light. Just need it to see off the flashing fairy lights now................Dave
  21. Gasp the Bicycle was obviously geared. On a note on the flat earth Possibly it's not round and flat but square and flat. I can recall one of my teachers talking about the four corners of the Earth.....Dave
  22. I am inclined to agree Olly, The press never seem to miss an opportunity to create sensation..Dave
  23. An article in this morning's Mirror highlights Mad Mike Hughes, who in an effort to prove the earth is flat,launched himself by home made rocket in an attempt to reach 5000 feet to bring back proof that the scientists have obviously missed. Unfortunately the re entry parachute failed to open and he was killed. He may not have proved the earth was flat but he did prove it was hard..................Dave
  24. I think I will name mine The Wet and Windy Telescope........Dave
  25. That's a practical solution. I am sure it would work well. . Night time might scare the people who live nearby and tempt them to put their security lights on though ...Dave
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