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  1. Same problem with my new C11 Used twice on the Moon. We don't have a climate in the UK Just weather.....Dave
  2. I am upgrading my Celestron C8 xlt to C11xlt and wonder if the rear thread is the same because I have a number of C8 accessories such as 6.6 reducer and a 2" visual back plus camera adaptors ect. Any advice would be welcome........Dave
  3. Some parts of Greater Manchester have quite decent skies. I lived in the Bredbury Romiley area of Stockport some years ago which was better than average. It got even better as you moved towards Glossop...Dave
  4. Cheers Gav thanks for the words of encouragement. I will keep trying.......Dave
  5. That's a great image.!!!. I have looked for M81 a number of times with my C8 and properly set up synscan and never even seen it under semi urban skies. Yes Spain is the answer and not for just Astronomy either.................Dave
  6. I haven't seen this video Ron. Thanks for sharing......Dave
  7. One shot with DSLR unmodded with 12" Newt F5 focal plane on NEQ6 taken 8pm UK time. Minimum processing with Gimp. Good conditions. Opinions welcome......Dave
  8. Wow! at F3.6 the views must be magnificent. I would imagine with that quality mirror the edge of the field would also be excellent. The step ladders was just a pun based on an old photograph of a 16" F10 I happen to have.....Dave
  9. I see Telescope House have the big Dobbie back in stock. Should be able to find it in the dark but don't trip over the step ladders...Dave
  10. The Scope Dome is much better value at seven grand plus : than the Pulsar at three plus. My advice is go for it
  11. Yes I must admit Nottinghamshire Councils must now be the biggest light polluters in the UK..............Dave
  12. That was a quick response Gina. maybe you should be on Nottingham County Council..............Dave
  13. Hi Pleased to hear that you were shown consideration. Different story with Nottingham County Council. The offending street light shone into my garden from 50 metres away like a search lite.. When this was reported. The council offered help by allocating a job no 3345 work to be carried out within 10 days. A shade to be installed. Nothing was ever done and job 3345 was never carried out. Again this reported nothing done. Eventually the street light was greyed out on the online map so no further complaint could be made...................Dave
  14. Hello Ron, You will find that after eye two is done. Pigeons will look like a nice powder blue instead of a murky grey. You will have noticed that telescope focusing on infinity will also become easier....Dave
  15. Marriage is a great thing. It's almost as good as being on your own.................Dave
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