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  1. Thanks guys, was another good night last night, I managed M13 and M34 by pure luck. Anyway I'm now on the hunt for a new scope.
  2. Easily best for me in a long time. I ventured out into my back garden with little hope as the Met forecast showed intermittent cloud cover, however in Colchester from 22:30 till 0:30 the sky was crystal clear. This led to 2hrs of awsome stargazing, first I set my sights on Saturn (this was my first time seeing it), I was that excited I even dragged the missus and son out of bed to have a look lol. It was a little small but could make out the planet and a ring. I then turned to the ring nebule from there to Andromeda galaxy then to M103. Andromeda was pretty much just a grey smudge and M103 I could make out 3 main stars and a few little speckles around them but none the less I was amazed at what I got from my meade 90 etx. This has got me thinking... I need something bigger lol. Shaun
  3. Thanks guys, Paul, I tried a couple of times previously using the autostar but I can't seem to get it set up good enough. I had a good enough idea where it was and with a bit of google skymaps and fine hand movement I got it, I agree with the high magnification as it was only in view for a couple of seconds. Pleiades 45 I live in a large town with a flood lit football pitch right by me so it's not great. Luckily this time no neighbours lights or flood lights were on and not a single cloud in the sky. estwing, reading that thread I think I'm gonna need something a little bigger than 3 inches lol
  4. Evening all, After a looong day at work yesterday and finishing quite late around 22:00 I noticed how clear the sky was so legged it home as quick as I could thinking I could sneak a quick hour observing in. I set my telescope up outside in the garden which was surprisingly dark (it's normally quite light) let it cool for around 30 mins and got going. Anyhow I took a chance at M57, I say chance as I've got a Meade 90 ETX which I know isn't great for DSO's and I used it free hand not autostar and there it was or what I think it was. It was very small sort of gray/green in colour like a smudged circle. I was really chuffed after having a rubbish day at work. I was using a cheap 3x Barlow with a 26mm plossl ep. Pretty sure I could see it without the barlow as well. I think few extra inches of aperture may be on the cards in the near future
  5. Hi Dave and thanks, Blazar thanks I'll keep an eye out. I'm in Thetford till next Monday but free after that.
  6. Thanks knobby, and don't worry I'm not one for causing trouble.
  7. Thanks guys, not that far away from Colchester so I'll take a look out over the next couple of weeks. Blazar, is there a certain field you set up in? Don't want to someone chasing me for being in their field lol.
  8. Hello Essex Cloud Dodgers, I'm new here on SGL and relatively new to astronomy. I live in Colchester and was wondering if any of you have had any experiences at Mersea Island? I can imagine there are some pretty good dark areas around there. Thanks Shaun
  9. Shaun_B


    Thanks for the welcome everyone and I appreciate the helpful info given.
  10. Shaun_B


    Hello everyone, My name is Shaun and I live in Colchester, Essex. I've been floating around the forum for about a month before joining. My interest began just over a year ago when I bought my son a Jessops 80 x 800 telescope, as you can probably guess, it was me that got hooked rather than him lol. My 2nd and current weapon of choice is a Meade 90 etx which I bought a couple of days ago. I've done a fair bit of stargazing although it's only been the likes of Jupiter and the moon from my back garden which has a fair amount of light pollution, the Jessops has done stand up job for £30. I understand that the Meade 90 etx isn't the best for viewing DSO's but can anyone recommend any that may be visible with my telescope? EP's I have are: Super plossel 26mm, cheapo 3x Barlo, 20, 12.5 and a 6mm that came with the Jessops telescope. Thanks Shaun
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