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  1. I know how you feel! here in alabama, it has been rain,clouds for awhile. Last night was the first night in awhile that I have had a good view of Jupiter and moons. Could actually see the bands good with color.
  2. Not Bad at all.....keep it up. kernel. 8" dobsonian 7omm.meade refractor meade LPI and digital EP. meade 7x24 zoom EP.
  3. kcorn

    old(ish) newbie...

    You should have some fun with that alright! Enjoy!
  4. kcorn


    Hello Leic, I am relatively new to astronomy myself and new to this forum. My equipment consists of an 8" dobsonian and a meade az70 refractor, with a 7-23 zoom eyepiece, 20mm, 9mm, and a 30mm wide angle eyepiece, a digital eyepiece and a meade LPI. I hope to be coming a lot to this forum! Happy star gaising...
  5. kcorn

    The Wonders of Space

    A photographic tour of some of the awsome scenes in space.
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