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  1. Thanks Lowjiber, I will have a look at that area tonight (weather permittng) I had clear skies last night and was determined to locate a couple of the easy Messiers mentioned on here, but still struggled. I was looking for M13 In Hercules and found a starting point, but think that my problem is that, I locate a bright star, then start to hop to the messier, but end up seeing a cluster of stars, but am unsure if it's the actual messier. I'm not expecting to see the nice colourful images that people post on here, but what I see doesn't always look the same as pictures online, so I start thinking that it's just a random cluster of stars and not a messier. For example, last night when I was looking for M13, I drove around a bit until I located a tight cluster of stars in the region where it should be and hundreds of stars around it and my 25mm eyepiece was full of stars, but it didn't look like I expected. Maybe I am expecting the whole cluster to fill the eyepiece, but should concentrate on the tight cluster and magnify that more? I also had the same experience when looking around Lyra (M56), so maybe I am seeing them, but not what I expect? M44 (beehive) was easy to find and looks exactly like the pictures
  2. I had clear skies here in Norfolk on Wednesday night and got my best ever view of Saturn (only had my scope about a month) and I could just make out the Cassini division if I stared long enough at it and it was so bright and clear, but it was such a good night, that I was also on the lookout for Messiers. Then the clouds rolled in and I called it a night. Typically it was cloudy last night, but also hoping for a couple of clear nights over the long weekend
  3. Thanks to everyone for their advice. I found the beehive cluster very easily, but some of the others mentioned on here as easy to find have eluded me. I am beginning to learn the constellations and am finding it easier navigating around the sky and am probably expecting the Messiers to just be obvious to find. I tend to use iPad apps to find my way around, but they are not always that accurate and tend to keep showing me the wrong view. My laptop is to old to handle stellarium (OpenGL issues) and I will try sky safari My next purchase will be a telrad Finder so that should help. My scope can take 2" eyepieces, so that is another option..
  4. I have recently purchased a 25mm BST eyepiece as I thought that it would be a lot better than the 25mm MA eyepiece that came with the scope. Although it was an improvement, it wasn't as much as I expected. I was wondering if a 32mm or even 40mm would be better as although I could see hundreds of stars last night, I couldn't work out if they were Messiers and if so which ones. Still trying to get to grips with locating a bright star and hopping to a messier Jupiter and Saturn looked great through my 7mm X-cel and going to a 5 or 6mm lost detail.
  5. Thanks. I wasn't casting aspersions against the good people on here, but all pictures I see in books and online etc seem to be glorious colours
  6. I've only had my scope a couple of weeks and last night was the first really clear night here in Norfolk. I managed to see my first Messiers (44 & 67) and have many more to go. Being a complete novice (and probably a stupid question) but do you see any colour when you view Messiers or is it just the pictures i see have had colour added?
  7. The BST that I have seen only has a 58 degree apparent field. I think the 60 degree one is the explore ED. would there be much difference? I can get the 58 degree one for about £30 and the explorer version is around £45
  8. Thanks. I think I will go with the 25 mm BST. I got a good view of M44 last night (my first Messier since getting my scope a couple of weeks ago) and was impressed with the view that I got through the stock piece that came with the scope, which I believe is a wide angle 25 mm MA. On a seperate note, I was out until 2am with very nice dark skies where I Iive and I noticed that although I had a lovely view of the stars, that Jupiter and Saturn didn't look very clear? There was a bit of cloud around, but in the main it was clear. I collimated the scope when I set it up and when I was packing away, I noticed that the secondary mirror was misty. It was a dewy night and my scope was damp etc. The primary mirror looked ok, but would a misty secondary mirror make objects look duller and is it ok to wipe it dry with a glasses lens cloth?
  9. The 25 gives me 48x magnification and the 32 around 37x
  10. I have a Skywatcher 250px and used the 25mm EP that came with the scope and was considering getting a 32mm skywatcher super Plossl EP, but was also wondering if a BST 25mm would be better than a 32mm skywatcher?
  11. Thanks. Will look into getting one. In your experience with a 259px, what was the highest magnification you used on planets. Am considering a 5mm, but not sure if the scope can cooe
  12. I'm viewing Saturn through a 10" skywatcher and using a Celestron X-cel 7mm EP. I'm happy with what I've seen so far in poor conditions, so look forward to better nights
  13. It was Saturn, unless I've discovered a new planet with rings The rings were clear and sharp, but I couldn't make out any detail etc. It was around 11.30pm and the moon was very close and bright and there were some clouds around, so not the best conditions. The planet I've discovered was very bright and a polarising filter would probably have helped and I've got one today. I might get a chance to use it tonight. If the clouds go away. It's all perfectly collimated and ready for action!
  14. I've had the scope for under 2 weeks now and even with the bad weather, I've managed to see Venus, Jupiter & Saturn. I find that the best EP to use so far has been the 7mm Celestron X-Cel. I couldn't see any seperation of the rings, but not sure if that's because it was to close to a very bright moon or if I need a higher magnification EP. I have tried a basic 4mm, but the magnification was too much (300x) and was wondering if my scope could cope with a 6mm or even a 5mm ?
  15. I use the laser collimator un barlowed. The guy in the shop recommended the Cheshire at about £45, but said that for an inexperienced user, the cheaper laser one would be easier. When I collimated it last Friday, the primary mirror looked spot on the centre, but the secondary mirror was a couple of millimetres off to the right, but I'm not sure if was how the collimator was sitting in the focuser as although it was tight, there still seemed to be a bit of movement, which considering how minute the scope can be out, it should be unmovable. I will collimate it again this week (if the clouds allow me out) It only took a minor adjustment on the primary and both were then spot on. I can see that it can easily go off, so will make it best practice to collimate each time I'm planning on using it. I haven't had the best seeing conditions yet by a long shot, so am confident that the views can only get better and it sounds like I made the right choice. I find that Jupiter is very bright and I have to strain my eyes to see it clearly, so have ordered an adjustable polarising filter and hopefully that will cut down the glare. Thanks for the advice, it was all very useful
  16. Well done on completing the list. I've only had my scope just over a week and haven't seen any yet! Tried M51 last night, but sky was to bright (what with a nearly full moon). I do get very dark skies where I live, so once I get going, I should be able to tick them off quickly
  17. I have a laser collimator and it was slightly off when I first set it up, but was spot on Friday and was a lot easier to do than I thought. Will have to get into the habit of doing it more often ( as I am constantly moving it in and out of the garage). I do try to get it out to cool down prior to using it, but the last few days it's been a case of getting it out between showers, so don't want to get caught out with the rain. The garage is cold, does that mean I don't have to get it out for very long first? Will look at the Baader MK 3 and Barlow. I do have an assortment of basic EPs as well as the Celestron one and a 2x Barlow and will see what works best (when I get a good nights weather). Keeping missing this chance to see Saturn! It just came into view last night and the clouds rolled in. To be honest, the Celestron 7mm performs very well, but even a basic 8mm gives me a good view? Jason
  18. I have tried the averted vision trick and it takes a bit of getting used to as I do wear glasses but don't feel comfortable wearing them when using the scope. Tend to have a bit of eye strain at the end of a session, so must be trying to hard! I'm happy with what I've seen so far and things can only get better.
  19. I've only had my scope for week, so still getting used to the magnification thing and lots of other stuff to learn as well. I assume that a 6mm would fall into the 180-220 range, but a 5mm would be to much? Does the same logic of the 180-220 also apply to say Saturn?
  20. Managed to get out tonight for an hour or so and tried the new 7mm Celestron x-cel EP. I was impressed with the sharpness when looking at Jupiter and could make out the bands clearly and even the little black dot. Also tried a basic 4mm, but couldn't focus clearly enough. I'm guessing that the Scope can't cope. Maybe I will try a 6 or 5 at some point. Didn't manage to see Saturn as the clouds appeared just about the time i could have seen it.
  21. Nice shot. Did you use the 250PX and what EP / Barlow etc? I've recently bought a 250px and I have the same problem with it having to clear my neighbours roof, but can see it just after midnight. I'm hoping to get a good view with my new 7mm Celestron x-cel EP.
  22. Due the 9mm having the faulty eyepiece, the shop offered me a replacement, refund or credit note. As I wasn't over impressed with the 9mm one, I swapped it for a 7mm. Hoping to get out tonight (weather permitting) if only to see how Jupiter looks through it. Will try and stay up late for Saturn!
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