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  1. I have a 2 x Barlow and bought a 3 x to give me a wider range of EPs as I have some decent 25, 27 & 32 EPs. Looks like I will have to bite the bullet and get some more eps.
  2. Ok. I'm in the north (Aylsham). No turnips here that I'm aware of
  3. Whereabouts are you in Norfolk. Is Turnipshire north or south of Norwich
  4. Hi, thanks for the detailed explanation. It looks like I need to do some studying to fully understand what I can see any why etc. Trying to enjoy the viewing rather than how the universe works etc, but looks like I need to look into that as well.The description of a lentil was something someone used on here when I first saw Jupiter and I asked how big should it be. They said between a lentil and a pea, depending on magnification etc. In answer to your question, (not having a lentil to hand) I would say that it was at arms length. I guess that I was expecting all galaxies / nebulas to look something like Orion and going by people's comments on here about how they see spirals and lots of details (some using the same scope as me) I was wondering where I am going wrong (unless it's my eyesight). I have dark skies here and the only light pollution is from my property, which obviously I can control
  5. Had a nice 3 HR session last night and got up at 6am to take a look at Jupiter and Mars. Set the scope up and pointed towards Jupiter, but couldn't see much detail (which was surprising as very clear skies) tried various EPs, but no joy. Scope was fine last night, so couldn't see what the problem was, I removed the dew shield and realised my schoolboy error..........I had left the dust cap on
  6. Hi, my 10mm is a basic one that came with the scope, but not that bad. I found m82 with the 25, and went to 20 and then 16 (2 x barlowed a good FOV 32mm) and various others down to a 7mm, but then tricker to find as it was a smudge. The closest I can get to a 10mm with a good FOV EP, would be if I 3 x barlowed a 27mm (9mm) or a 3 x barlowed 32mm (about 10). Would you recommend using barlows when viewing DSO or is unbarlowed best? Otherwise it's to the shop to get a decent 9mm / 10mm!
  7. Have you seen the cigar galaxy through the 10 inch dob and if so, what's the best magnification to use? I saw it last night in good conditions, but just a small faint line with 25mm EP and if I tried anything higher it got fuzzier. Scope is collimated. Was expecting nebulas to be a bit bigger, obviously not the size of Orions.
  8. I was looking at Jupiter at about the same time this morning with my 10 inch scope and didn't spot anything close by, but to be honest, I was not looking for anything else. Only got in about 30 mins viewing of Jupiter and Mars before the clouds rolled in and I packed away before the hail came down! If what you saw was that big in binoculars, then it would have been huge in the scope! If I have clear skies tomorrow morning, I will look out for it and repor back.
  9. I found M82 & M81 last night for the first time and was wondering how big it should look in my 10 inch dob with a 25mm EP and how much detail should I be able to see? The conditions were very good (I have very dark skies) and I could make out the cigar shape of M82 but it was only a small line and no real detail. I tried higher magnification and it got a bit bigger, but still no detail. What's the best magnification for Nebulas? I saw something else close by and thought it was M81 as I could see it in the viewfinder at the same time as m82, but after looking online, I think it might be NGC 3077 and I might have missed M81! The object looked like a small ball with a halo around it! I am used to seeing the planets as the size of a lentil, so not expecting it to be huge, but was hoping that nebulas would be mostly like the Orion Nebula, but obviously understand that the distances and sizes are different.
  10. Last night was perfect here, but I have the dreaded man flu and couldn't go out Woke up at 5am to even better skies and it sounds like Jupiter was perfect this morning and would have been my first sighting of the GRS, but couldn't drag myself out. Blue skies here still, so hopefully the same conditions tonight and tomorrow. Saturn is in conjunction with Venus in the morning (I think).
  11. You are right. The eyepiece isn't far in enough. I thought that when I saw the picture and just checked my scope and you shouldn't be able to see the writing on the EP
  12. . Good idea. I had a quick rummage around and found it. Much easier in the daylight. Still considering the metal detector though as I might find a Norfolk hoard. Astronomy is an expensive hobby, so got to find the money from somewhere.
  13. Had another accident........but not a major one. I was out a couple of nights ago looking at the moon and decided to attach the adjustable polarising filter (as very bright). Undid a grub screw too much and it fell off and landed amongst the leaves and grass. Will have a search for it today, but might need a metal detector. Another new hobby perhaps
  14. Try taking a look at this website. spotthestation.nasa.gov/
  15. i don't know what I was expecting, but I watched it with clearish skies for 30 minutes and I agree that it was like it just switched off. Not quite the excitement of an eclipse, but at least I've seen an occultation .
  16. Went to my local astronomy shop (Altair Astro) today to pick up a Barlow and also ended up buying a 5mm Altair Lightwave LER 1.25" Planetary Eyepiece.Better suited to a smaller scope, but in my price range, so will do for the time being. A Christmas present to myself.
  17. Was thinking of getting a 5mm eyepiece and have the same scope as you, so will consider the BST.
  18. A very good session.. I'm luckily if I can see a fraction of what you saw in 1 session ( before the clouds roll in). I didn't set the alarm this morning as last night was raining, cloudy and windy and I didn't give it much hope to clear for the morning,but wish I had now as perfect blue skies at 8am. Would have seen Juipter and Venus for an hour, but not much else!
  19. My new right angle Finderscope fell off my 10 inch dob the other night (the screw doesn't seem to hold it firmly in place as the one that came with the scope did). I knocked it with my arm when lifting the scope off the base as I always carry it in 2 parts (too awkward as 1). Luckily the Finderscope didn't fall from a great height and landed on grass and leaves. It also had a homemade dew shield on the main lens end, so that cushioned the blow. Have secured it with tape now! I try to be an careful as possible (considering how dark it normally is) but accidents happen.
  20. I have see Venus in the afternoon, but only because I was at a star party event and someone was tracking it. Saw Jupiter this morning from about 7 till 9 and the detail was a lot clearer than when I saw it at 1am. Couldn't see the red spot though.
  21. Until last night, I hadn't been out with the scope for over 2 weeks (mainly due to the fluffy things that float over) and was desperate to use my 3 new acquisitions (telrad finder, right angled finder scope and 27mm BST. M44 looked like a good target to set it all up on and got some good views. Surprisingly, the skies suddenly cleared and it all looked perfect for a long session (without any neck pain due to the new right angled finder. Orion was just coming into view, so I thought that I would spend some time looking at that.. Went through all my EPs to see which one gave the best view (which took a while) and was just about to call the wife to see Orions Nebula (as she likes to see why I spend hours out in the cold) when I looked to the south and saw the dreaded clouds. 10 mins later there wasn't a single star to be seen. Oh well......there's always another night......maybe tonight!
  22. I had the same problem with the apps not matching the sky and found that the apps worked better if I took my iPad out of its protective cover. Somehow it interferes?
  23. Thanks. When I found what I thought what was M13 with my 25mm, I did then try a selection of EP's all the way down to a 7mm (Celestron x-cel) and could see the densely packed stars, so it does look like I have seen it. One more to tick off the list I am planning on getting a telrad finder and have already printed of the maps. Unfortunately my laptop can't handle Stellarium (doesn't have OpenGL) Is it only the android phone that you can also get it on? My other planned purchases are a suitable astronomers chair and 90 degree finder scope. My back is beginning to ache with crouching down when trying to see objects very high up. Was trying M51 as well last night, but that appears to be directly above and can't get into a comfortable enough position to locate a starting point. Shame we can't move the sky around to suit our needs Guess I also need to spend some of my cloudy nights in studying the night sky and get use to the constellations etc..
  24. I'm lucky in my location as I can see Saturn from around 10.30 (when it clears my neighbours roof) until about 2am (unless I go to bed before then of course)! I looked at it for about 30 minutes last night, but found that it wasn't as clear as it was a few nights ago. It seemed to have a shimmering haze to it. It was a warm day here, so the atmosphere that low must have been warm. I could make out the Cassini division though..
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