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  1. Realise it might be awkward but as someone says it has a dovetail and it's only a stopgap until I get a 130pds. Haha, I'm beginning to realise this, originally looked at an EQ3 pro but people seemed to discount it and even the EQ5. So mount alone has gone from £379 to £749
  2. I struggled to do it the first time. Someone should do a video using a Cheshire for us newbies.
  3. Hi All I've had the Heritage 130p for nearly a year now and had have some great views with it. However, the astrophotography bug is biting and so I am looking at buying a new mount scope etc. Now it's my 50th birthday soon and my wife said she will give me £500 for a new telescope So this is my thought process so I don't buy the wrong equipment. 1. Get "Making Every Photon Count" (yeah it arrived this morning) 2. Get a good solid mount such as EQ5 pro or HEQ5 pro. I want goto I think as I would like to mount the Heritage 130p on it for visual as well. 3.
  4. That is simply amazing. Get it printed and framed.
  5. Just come accross this thread. I have converted a old trust webcam and am about to give video astronomy a go. Had trouble focussing it originally then found if i shortened the heritage 130p slightly it worked fine.
  6. Nice report. Jupiter was the first thing I looked at through my telescope and I was amazed by how much I could see. How did I get to nearly 50 and have never seen it?
  7. I collimated my scope for the first time a few months ago and after reading advice on here purchased a cheshire. I was very apprehensive when I came to do it using astrobaby's method, but as everyone says, it is easy and becomes self evident when you do it.
  8. I started with a small dob this year and would just add that under light polluted skies I have sometimes struggled locating things. A good book such as Turn left at Orion is essential. I also found the basic version of Skysafari for the ipad to be useful in planning where things will be.
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