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  1. So as a start, would you have say 3 at low, medium and high maybe?
  2. Thanks for that..great information. So from that I guess other lenses are used to bring the scope upto the maximum for the arpeture?
  3. Most of that went over my head haha! 10mm? and a Barlow? Im lost.
  4. Tell me more about eyepieces please? What happens and why does it make the image better? What type would I need to fit a Dob? People always mention Barlows (2x 3x...) Cheers
  5. I havent been brave enough yet. Haha. I just am nervous about spending a lot on something i end up ditching and get bored of
  6. Any experiences of astroboot? It seems very simple for a site. What comebacks do you have if the kit is dodgy?
  7. I thought I was being brave wanting an 8" for around £300 as a beginner. But £600!? Hats off sir! Let us all know how it goes.
  8. Ah cheers Derek. I didnt realise you were in Shields! I am from Sunderland but based in Newcastle. I've started looking at 2nd hand stuff- but havent got an "expert" to heck things out for me. I've actually just come across a Skyline 200 for £195 delivered..in excellent condition. Tempting!
  9. Thanks yeah will continue to shop around. What are the best sites for buying 2nd hand. EBay doesnt seem to have much choice.
  10. Congrats on that. Brilliant. How do you find out when Novas are going to happen?
  11. Thanks..that seems to be the message im getting- big Dobsonians. I could get the skyline 200p (8") for £285- going higher than 8" and it gets a bit out of my budget.
  12. Thanks for that. i have a garage which has a door straight in to my back garden. Any issues with storing in a freezing cold garage? If not then I dont think the weight would be too much of a problem. I'm now favouring the 8" Skywatcher Skyline Dob. Forgoing the GoTo for the bigger 8" Mirror.
  13. Thanks a lot for replying.. i do plan to take my time and not rush into things. I will maybe look in to 2nd hand too.
  14. Hello all- i'm new here and i'd like some advice please. I had a scope when I was very young (was probably just a cheap bit of tat). I'm 35 now and have an urge to get a proper scope to maybe start a hobby? I'll probably just be using it in the back garden of a suburban area to look at planets/moon mainly but also maybe some deep sky stuff if possible. I like the idea of a GoTo for easier use but this might take me too high in price...and my budget is probably around £300- maybe to £400 if there's good reason. People tend to say to go no lower than 6" and people seem to recommend Dobsonians? I've have a brief look at Skywatcher Skyliners and Nexstar 4SE. Any thoughts would be appreciated please! Thanks
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