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  1. I'll keep that in mind- from my back garden though I may not have line of sight
  2. I did consider GoTo but it would have doubled the cost of a scope and with a smaller arpeture. I'll let you know how I go with my 200p Dob- just setting up so far
  3. I live in Newcastle but I will certainly consider it cheers Dave. I do have young kids so it may be a stretch to say to the wife i'm off to be a astronomy nerd one night! I spent the night beginning the set up on my scope. The Skyliner 200p really is a thing of beauty.
  4. Thats clear enough for my novice brain. That all made sense! thanks
  5. Thanks. for info. I have the Skyliner 200p dob.. so its 1.25" eyepieces. Also, how do I know if the scope needs collimating?
  6. Thanks but I need some explanantion please..i'm a noob! What is the 2" adaptor and why would you need to take it out? And how do I align the finder and the scope?
  7. Morning all, I'm now the proud owner of a Dobsonian. Any tips on what to do first? (no doubt it'll take me a while to set up first). Clear skies permitting of course but what good views are up there at the moment? I hear the moon isnt shining at the minute? It comes with a 10mm and 25mm eyepiece I think (120x and 48x)
  8. Well it was more like 5 working days but i'm happy with that. I was just a bit worried that they werent responding to my emails or calls.
  9. Well my Mrs. informs me that my scope has indeed been delivered. (Skyline 200p Dob) The problem is she is shocked at the size of the boxes. Her quote: "It look's like one that should be in a museum" I'm now panicking that I won't have room in the garage to store it (my garage is pretty busy as it is)- and there isn't really any room in the house to leave it set up.
  10. Update: I've had an email from the courier company saying my scope will be delivered on Monday. Excited!
  11. It was actually free delivery as it was a higher price item. I'm sure I won't have too much longer to wait!
  12. Thanks all. I'm sure there's nothing to worry about. It has really only been 3 working days since I ordered and they say 3-5 working days for delivery. I'm just impatient.
  13. I'm waiting for a scope from them since last Thursday (although it has been Easter admittedly) so I'm slightly concerned. I've emailed and rang with no response. Anyone had any dealings with them?
  14. Sounds exciting. Why was the wife crying? Because she's now lost you to the back garden all summer?
  15. My 4 year old may be OK- but my 2 year old rules the house and does what she wants! Anyway- due to the cooldown factor I'll probably opt for the garage. But in summer the garage gets hotter than the house!
  16. Thanks for that Galactic... I'd absolutely love to have it set up in the living room but I have two young children who'd be swinging off it within 5 minutes! Regarding the position- I could do exactly what you do and put it on the patio over a mat but ideally i'd like to have it further up the garden, for a wider range of the sky, but i have an uneven half dug up path/uneven turf- could be tricky.
  17. I'm quite impressed how clear an image you got actually. Is the scope difficult to set up and get started?
  18. Looking good! I've just ordered the very same scope. It will be interesting to hear more thoughts on it. Any tips on set up etc? How did you get those photos? Basically just holding the camera lens up to the eyepiece? Didn't think you'd be able to see much that way.
  19. Well the description said the only thing wrong with it was "a few creases in the tube which have no affect on the operation of the scope" otherwise in as new condition. So I'm hoping it fine.. if not I've got 7 days to get a refund.
  20. Well.. i've splashed out. What have I done!? The 10% sale on Astroboot was too much to resist. Got the Skyliner 8" Dob second hand for £175. Good deal?
  21. Thanks everyone for this brilliant advice. Never thought I would get so interested in eyepieces
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