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  1. I'd love that. Sadly ive got two young kids. A family holiday with stuff for the kids to do or a nerdy star camp? Hmmm!
  2. no dont have a cheshire yet- may have to be my next purchase
  3. Well.. I put a cap on and my secondary mirror was indeed way off. I've aligned it now so that I can see the clips. Next job is to sort out the primary. I'm assuming that if the ring in the middle of the mirror isn't dead centre then it needs doing
  4. Thats true but its still nice to know which moons are which
  5. I had no interaction with them at all but then I had no problems and my order arrived fine. I think they are a small company (1 person even) so may not have the time to respond yet.
  6. You need to make 250 posts to be able to post in the classifieds section
  7. Haha. I'd love to go up to Kielder but not sure the Mrs would be impressed!!
  8. Exactly.. she took a photo of me with my scope out of the patio doors the other night and showed it to her mother the next day.. the mother in laws reaction? "He's a strange man"
  9. Yes. Me to wife: "Look at that sight- crescent moon and venus".. wife cranes neck "oh yeah.." moves back to what she was doing.
  10. Good stuff. Even with the naked eye- the crescent moon alongside Venus looked stunning tonight.
  11. At least I now know i'm not the only after-dark weirdo in Newcastle!
  12. Ah good idea. I could probably do with an eye patch as it gets annoying having to hold my eyelid down. My OH will think i'm going mad! I think my scope needs collimating- so thats my next job.
  13. Thanks. I'm not gonna be scared off. The thought that I'm not using my scope to its maximum annoys me!
  14. So is a cap not needed? It's this bit i'd not be sure on.
  15. Its half of one of the photos so you can only see half the mirror. Whats the cheapest and easiest collimation tool? A cap? Or could I just use a star?
  16. I tried with a star and I got similar. Heres a rough drawing to what I see.. upload img
  17. I wonder if this is an issue for me. When I completely unfocus Jupiter so its a big blur of light- I can see an eliptical image of the mirror- but its only half of the mirror. Is this normal or do I need to collimate?
  18. Afternoon all, If I was to get a 2x Barlow lens to increase my top mag from 120x to 240x- would it matter on the quality? Or would any cheap one do? Also, does any 1.25" Barlow fit my 1.25" Skywatcher stock lenses? Thanks
  19. That's exactly my problem- it'll take some practice I think to figure it out
  20. Yeah looks good for the next few days so will have another go. Any ideas about DSO's? I'm not confident about seeing any in my light polluted back garden!
  21. 100% cloud here in NE England- a night in tonight.
  22. Good to know. I was worried my scope was wonky.
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