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  1. @twofatslugs Congrats on the new scope. I have the 200p.. its a beauty isn't it? I collimated just fine with just the cap. I use my 10mm a lot on Jupiter but would be interested to see what you think of the 6mm- let me know how you get on as i'm considering getting one (or a 7mm)
  2. Thanks for that. I've found it on Amazon for £31. I'm not sure whether to go for it- for the different options or just by standalone eyepieces for better quality.
  3. What do you mean by using the element to get a 1.5x effect?
  4. Another lovely night with Jupiter last night. Some nice seeing intermittently and a lovely spread of all 4 moons in a line. I had another 20 minutes or so just trying to tease out some detail. Unfortunately the GRS just had left to the top left after I went out so still yet to see it- if I could pick it out of course. Cloud & Rain again tonight though!
  5. There seems to be a bit of chat about Saturn at the minute. Is it at a decent height in the sky at a sociable hour at the moment? I havent' seen it yet and I can't wait.
  6. Any tips on comfortably sitting at a Dob without spending on those posh seats?
  7. If you zoom out on a star and you see the secondary mirror in the middle and the clips of the primary nice and symmetrical..is that enough?
  8. True. I bet there's a ridculous amount up there
  9. Would it have been possible to see it? Even if Mercury was high in the sky?
  10. Thanks. Good tip. Looking at the prices of some of these filters- this could get expensive!!
  11. The thing about Jupiter (or what I notice anyway)- is the brightness through the EP. It may be a bit too bright. Would it be beneficial to reduce this slightly, if possible?
  12. The forecast was for 0% cloud tonight so I nipped out with my Dob to have a look. To my disappointment there was a lot of cloud about so I had a quick look at the moon- pretty good but the fullish moon is not quite as good as the half moon last weekend. After 10 mins or so I spotted Jupiter appear so I swung the scope over with my 10mm in. Wow- best view yet of the great gas giant.. very clear view of the two main bands with just a touch of detail on them too. The seeing at times was excellent. It may be time to get more power. Maybe 7mm (170x) or even 6mm (200x). Anyone got any thoughts on this? Reporting live from Newcastle Upon Tyne (Session 10:30-11:10pm April 30th 2015)
  13. Hi Wayne.. i'm a recent noob too. This lot are very helpful. Clear skies
  14. There's certainly nothing ordinary about that photo!
  15. That's absolutely astonishing. Wow well done.
  16. Thanks. What is the effect of the full moon? Just making them harder to find? Or actually obscuring them totally?
  17. Cheers John.. will have to check if these clear my trees. While its in my mind- a question... Are there things in the southern hemisphere that us here in the northern will never see?
  18. I am interested but its a bit pricey- may wait until birthday/Christmas!!
  19. After looking at the moon and Jupiter with a freshly collimated scope I think i'm ready to look for some DSOs. My garden is a bit blocked off to the east with trees and also to the west low down with the house. I've seen the beehive cluster as that's an easy one. I really struggled to get the one in the plough as it is so high up and the scope is almost horizontal. Is there a guide anywhere on finding the Messiers easily? Thanks
  20. Yeah just held it up to the eyepiece and move it about a bit until you see it on your front screen
  21. Thanks Pat. I was surprised how well it came out from just a quick phone pic
  22. Using my Galaxy S4 and 200p Dob
  23. I tried lining up the ring with the centre spot from the collimation cap without using a cheshire and found it quite easy. It all seems nicely lined up. Would a cheshire tool make it markedly more accurate- as the views were excellent tonight?
  24. Well I did a bit of collimation in the house then took it out afterwards and had a really good half hour or so. Jupiter was that bit clearer and with some decent seeing could make out the two main bands quite nicely. Also.. got my first look at the moon and wow it was stunning. Some superb detail even at just 48x- even better at 120x
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