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  1. Ah I get your joke now. Our third child is on the way so I guess that answers your question!
  2. It started off like that.. two kids and a wife later and its turned in to something entirely different!
  3. Newcastle unforunately ;-) How do you mean all night twilight?
  4. My new scope is really being made redundant at the moment. The cloud cover has been a nightmare over the last 10 days or so. I forgot how few clear nights we have here in the UK. Boooooooooooooo!
  5. You sure? All i can see is GRS after midnight but no transits?
  6. Cheers Nick. The size of the disc isnt big enough to really pick out much detail at all- certainly not enough to see dips in the bands. I think I need more magnification and some good seeing.
  7. Yeah will have to try twilight. Jupiter is very low down later on these days. As for Saturn theres a massive tree in my way so I may have to wait until its due south earlier. Cant wait to see it
  8. I had a decent view of Jupiter tonight- not great seeing but some periods of OK seeing. I knew the GRS was visible on the upper band so was really straining to see it (120x). The result? Maybe but could have been my imagination. Report from Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, 00:00- 00:30
  9. Excellent photo- what EP did you use? Any filters?
  10. It blows the mind to know that if we were around 45 million years ago with a scope we would have seen the same sight!
  11. Thanks! Ia that camera for astronomy use only? Would be a bit pricey for just scope use. Is it possible to use a DSLR instead?
  12. Jarrod those are sensational. Well done. I want full details on the kit you used (other than your scope obviously) please!
  13. Really tempted to stay up..but need to be up early in the morning!
  14. It's just something I got used to pretty quickly- I'm not perfect at it, I just sort of swivel the base slightly then tilt slightly.
  15. The bending the neck. I'm getting too old for that
  16. I think i'd find this impossible unless I got a right angled finder- but even then I think i'd struggle
  17. The Dipper is so high up I find it impossible to focus on anything
  18. Yeah A Dob. I think I may need some sort of filter to cut the glare.
  19. Yeah I got mine from there for £178 ish- so thats an even better bargain. I'm happy with the price I paid though- superb bit of kit.
  20. Tips on seeing the phase? I just see a ridiculously bright ball of light that dazzles
  21. I did exactly what you did about 3 weeks ago- amazing when you first see it. The moons astounded me more than the planet itself. I think it was because i'd never heard about being able to see the moons- I just assumed they'd be too small to see.
  22. North East England. Trees to the East- House to the West
  23. This was one of the few facts I remember from primary school. I also remember venus being my favourite planet- not sure why!?
  24. I'm not having much luck with the weather here- so not much viewing at all. I can't wait until some nice warm clear nights.
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