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  1. As someone new to astronomy who just had their first really good night cut short by dew & ice forming on a 9.25 SCT I really would invest in something (I just received my Astrozap heated shield and controller)
  2. You've got me thinking how I might use a spare channel on my heater controller!
  3. Time to set up I think

  4. No problems with site or page performance and I live in the sticks with a 3 Mb/s tail. I'm not a fan of the lack of editing. I don't think I've every used a forum where that's the case. I like self - edit just because I like to correct my own typos etc which is really useful if you're posting while mobile and "autocorrect" kicks in. As for the forum, I don't think I've used a friendlier one before. The beginners area is great; full of useful stuff and helpful advice (I know what it's like on forums when people essentially ask the the same .questions over and over for forum regulars).
  5. Thanks again, Just totting up the cost of a 2 inch diagonal plus one of the maxvisions (I can't justify spending more). When you go to 2" on the SCT 9.25 do you need the diagonal or can you direct mount?
  6. Hi YKSE, I got the F6.3 reducer bundled with the scope, but I thought it would be useful for AP - when I eventually get in to it. My wife would completely agree I should hold off on the shopping spree . I only have the Celestron EP that ships with the scope (I think it's a 25) and the 21mm Hyperion (plus the FTRs, which while a nice idea don't prove to be practical unless you've set them up in advance - and I'm not that organised). What would you recommend for visual work - Using or removing the reducer? For F6.3 what mix of EPs would you recommend for someone starting out vs using it at native F10).
  7. Russ & Ronin thanks for the advice & pointers. That Messier Catalogue link is really useful as you say Ronin with the viewing season on there as well. I wasn't thinking that I'd want or ever use every possible combination and permutation on the chart Re the FTRs themselves, I wasn't that impressed with the machining of the threads. They don't screw on easily to the EP and I was worried I might thread the EP. Overall I was underwhelmed by the rings, though once fitted they did make a difference when both were used together. I tried to do the changeover in the dark and cold, and as you point out it was a complete faff. I had to go indoors to do it. I like the Hyperion 21mm. To my untrained eye it's very clear, with good eye relief and I could even wear glasses, so will probably stick to the Hyperions for now. I did like the fact they convert to 2" as well if I want to in the future. There's so much stuff up there to look at I'm being a bit random at the moment, but Jupiter is a favourite. That 40mm Maxvision SWA is immense! I think I'd need another counterweight.
  8. Thanks for the links in the posts above they're helpful but I'm still scratching my head a little. I have a Celestron 9.25 AVX SCT I bought a Baader Hyperion 21mm EP, plus the 14mm and 28mm "fine tuning rings" which in theory give me a range of 17.5mm, 15.5mm and 14mm when used in conjunction with the 21mm EP. Looking at the minimum recommended mm for an F10 OTA, would getting the 17 and 8mm eyepieces give me a good selection or do I need further eyepieces ? I was working off this chart on the RVO website. Stop me before I push the button on the eyepiece box set Thanks
  9. Hi Orfest, I put my AVX 9.25 together a few days ago. The only washer I remember was the one on the tray but could be mistaken.
  10. Yep, really useful thread as a beginner, Jupiter is so easy to spot in the sky it's a nice target and I did wonder why I could only see three of the moons (I'd seen 4 a few nights earlier just using a 300mm lens on a camera). I did struggle with brightness when looking at it a few nights ago so will take a look at the Baader filter suggested by Astromaster130. Do the filters just screw on to the eyepiece? I have a Baader Hyperion 21mm eyepiece. Thanks, J
  11. Thanks all for the very warm welcome! Cheers Damnut for the heads up on the E mids stargazers site. I'd come across it from this forum already so will look in to it. You're all correct about becoming (more) obsessed by the weather! I used to run my own station on wunderground and I found the FLO "Clear Skies" app which is proving useful (and so far reliable). I managed to get a few hours in on Sunday. I spent some time saying "wow" at the craters on the moon and even with a 21mm eyepiece I could make out the banding on jupiter (just). I also have some more eyepieces on the way so looking forward to just doing some planetary observations for now along with some galaxies (planning on trying M66 and M65). J
  12. Hi, I've been reading the forums for a little while and learning about a whole range of AP subjects and general scope buying advice. Today I bit the bullet and have upgraded to a Celestron AVX 9.25. I've just spent the last hour or so putting it all together (which was so simple I'm bound to have done something wrong) .... And it started to rain just as I was about to head outside. I'll be hoping to get more in to AP. I've read the various opinions on SCTs and AP but for me starting out I'm going for something portable that I can get quickly set up. Seeing some of the images on here is pretty inspirational and I can't wait to try it. if only the damn rain ( and now the wind) would go away. Cheers!
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