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  1. I think there could be a run on dew protection over the next couple of weeks....
  2. Are they exchangeable for those mint viscounts I keep hearing about?
  3. Mmmm.... is there a prize for futhest distance travelled to attend PSP?
  4. Mine rarely show any interest, although my Daughter (now 21 going on 7) has my love of the oceans and wild life, so not a total waste of time.
  5. One has to remember, our societies are still recovering from ye olde cannon fodder days, where much of the population were mere proles, here to work in factories and to be sent away to foreign parts where they were expected to be maimed and die for 'King and Country'. Give them another couple of hundred years and maybe, perhaps, the general populace will start to think for themselves and develop interests beyond the colour of a football teams shirt.
  6. Fantastic capture Cliff, well done sir!
  7. Fingers crossed, my Land Rover will be healthy enough to make the run down, I'm sure it's something or nothing that is to do, alas, I must wait until I return to UK before I can get anything done to it... I'll be driving down from Rossendale, Lancs, via Glossop. If anyone has need of a lift PM me and we'll see what can be arranged.
  8. I don't see why not, it is rather obvious, once you find it. It is tiny though, so it may just look like a dim greenish star, rather than what you my be used to after viewing Saturn and Jupiter.
  9. You'll not miss me, I'll be in the BIG ugly military Land Rover amongst the tents.... well looking forward to escaping for a few days chilling (literally) and stargazing (or, if it's cloudy, starmoaning....).
  10. Last Thursday night, being my first view through the EP since May, I hunted down Uranus by star hopping and guesstimating. My first view of the planet and rewarding, as after a while I got my 'eye' back and could really tell that it was a planet. Now I can finally answer yes to that age old question from the numpties... Sent from my workshop using a tippy tappy keyboard....
  11. Yup, a TAL-1 and no mistake. 110 Earth quidses is a good price for a spanking new (old stock) one I reckon, they resell at that price quite often. I have 2 and yes, you'll want to keep it I think.... Here's one of mine, set up for web-cam imaging: As you can see, it was rather chilly that night. And this, I believe, it the image that I caught at the time (manual tracking):
  12. I only saw a few each night, maily due to cloud. Of those I did see, most were nice bright Earth grazers and one was probably the best meteor that I have ever seen, rising a few degrees off vertical, from about 15 degrees above the horizon to about 25 degrees through Casseopeia, like an enormous bonfire rocket. Had I been a few hundred miles further NNE, it would, most likely, have been directly overhead and I can only imagine how bright, considering the murky air I saw it through.
  13. Nice obsy, I do have one observation though: Does being in a warm room count as being "under the stars"?
  14. I've taken to wearing an eye patch over my non-observing eye, to save all that skwinting, far more relaxing. I can then just swap the patch over to my observing eye should I find that I suddenly need bright lights...
  15. A similar story for me, except that I don't have a scope with me. Outside just before 5am, Jupiter, crescent Moon and Venus, plus Orion in the Eastern sky (i'm at 21 dergrees N).
  16. A blast from the past! I'll see if I can dig it out and repost it. I haven't done an e-skecth for ages, but after seeing a fantastic fireball of a Perseid last night, I'm inspired to do another one Does that work?
  17. I'm very fortunate, I have many sheds. One for gardeneering equipment, one houses the 'Hard-Luck Cafe' bar and fitness centre, one is a hay barn, one is a tack room, 13 are stableses, the small wee green one is the OLLR Observatory and the BIG shed is my workshop. I could never list everything that's in the BIG shed and I can hardly ever find things in it. Here is a piccie of the BIG shed on moving in day 2007, the first thing to go in was my 1976 Triumph Bonneville, closely followed by several million other items:
  18. So far I've had too reasonable night, lasst night was very clear, but the quarter Moon was in exactly the wrong place. I've had 5 very bright sightings, 3 last night and 2 the night before, plus a fair few fainter ones. Possibly one capture, although I'll need to find it if i have. Cloudy today, but with this wind it may well clear up for another clear night.
  19. We get high temp and humidity out here too, just standing still in the shade will have you drenched in a minute, add a bit of graft and it's all too easy to dehydrate. At nights it doesn't get much better either. When we do get clear skies, and I can get away from the rig lights, I've been able to see the Milky Way, just never seen it as clear as some folk say it is supposed to look.
  20. What's the light pollution like where you are? I only get to hang around ShenZhen when I'm ashore, and I've rarely seem anything brighter than the Moon around there... ...did you get to see the 2009 Eclipse or the recent transit of Venus by any chance? I was fortunate enough to be over here for both events, travelling up to Wu Han for the eclipse.
  21. Have a look to see if there is a smear of grease on the primary. My skymax 90 suffered this problem when I brought it to China. It was easy enough to strip and clean, just remeber to make alignment marks before you remove any parts, and work on a bench, it's too easy to drop delicate objects....
  22. Welcome aboard. Where abouts in SE Asia are you? I'm in the South China Sea atm, 2 more weeks and I'm home again, hopefully for some clear skies...
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