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  1. I use ACDSee or Gimp to process my white light solar pics, I'm happy enough with the results:
  2. Phew! My pal has posted the scope up this moroning, 48 hour delivery with insurance, so hopefully, all being well, I can bring it along. I really didn't want to lug the SNT over as the LXD-75 mount doesn't like it.
  3. yeti monster

    SGL 8 - Mugshots

    ^^^What??? No red screen cover?
  4. I don't hate the word, just those who use it continually and totally out of context.....
  5. Mrs. Yeti watched it and said it was totally awesome, I shall have to watch it on't telly when I gets home.... Well done to Felix
  6. I too would like to see anything, it has been the worst year ever....
  7. I can't hear mine over the Iron Maiden I have blaring out.... It does struggle with the 10" SNT, but I reckon a 130 Newtonian will be well within its capabilities.
  8. My pal has collected it in Newquay, but he says that he'll need to make a case to load it in. By the time he's got that done I doubt that there will be time, but I'm still hoping that he sorts it. Comms can be difficult as I'm sat in the South China Sea and GMT+8, if you catch my drift....
  9. A bit of a long shot this one, but is there anybody travelling to PSP 2012 from Cornwall? Newquay area in particular? I have just purchased a 6" Helios refractor on ye olde baye des fleases and it looks like I'll not be able to get it up to Castle Yeti before I head to Buxtonshire. I are beggin' a relay if there be anyone attending from Kernow way....
  10. Good show, I did the bino-projection for some of my Chinese work mates as well as using my camera/lens as a telescope.
  11. I know that the 1100D has remote shooting like the 1000D.
  12. They shine bright lights everywhere, the place is hardly ever still and the main engine exhausts seem to always be churning out mugg just where I want to be looking....
  13. A sound piece of advice, I heard in a movie many years ago, "Don't take no wooden nickles", which can be translated in to real English as, "don't take no sheet", not from anybody, ever. I still have my first scope, 84mm Newtonian, bought second hand on the flea market and it still works
  14. Another Lancastrionian welcome. The RA setting circle is, I believe, supposed to be loose, so that you can set it at the start of a session, depending upon the right ascension hour, then use it to aid star finding, at least, that's how I see them. I too never bother with them, or not yet anyhoo. The slow motion controls can be swapped about when the scope starts to foul them. EPs? Well there are so many options, best to wait until you've had a good play and read up on what others say, they are very subjective. Last night was perfectly clear )
  15. Yes, Canon refer to it as 'Remote Shooting', iirc.
  16. A motorised equitorian mount would be my suggestion, EQs aren't hard to master and once set up a motorised mount will track your object whilst you observe, requiring minor adjustments now and again. Many can be upgraded to goto by changing the handset.
  17. Need? footie? in the same sentence?!?
  18. ^^^ there is no accounting for taste, as I have discovered on many occasion, here in China....
  19. I used mine for my Skymax 90 when I brought it to China, a very handy case indeed.
  20. I bought one from Boots, 99p and it serves well, I no longer have to skwint one eye shut when observing (on those rare occasions that it is clear enough to actually be at the EP) and I slide it over if I need to pop inside or use 'the BIG light' to find something that a red light doesn't reveal.
  21. I reckon there'll be quite a queue round at Shanes pitch...
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