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  1. I have an HP 8650 pro printer and in my printed astrophotos  the color now comes out deep blue instead of black. I changed the black cartridge but it still wont print deep space black. does anyone know whats wrong?   

    IMG_3295orion 1 2 16.JPG

    1. pshanahan


      the above pick is close to how it initially looked in printed form. now the background prints deep blue

  2. You must be right. .i attached 3 pics. One is Andromeda 30 sec. Couldn't stack it. Second is the trifid, it wouldn't stack. The third is the swan neb. It looks like a Duck decoy. It's just a single time exp. they loose something in the jpeg transformation. I just wish I could get a more typical Andromeda. Thanks in advance for your advice. Shanahan
  3. Hello again folks, I have a Meade 8 inch Reflector with a CanonEOS T5 i. Having a lot of fun with time EXP photos but have been trying Deep Sky Stacker with Galaxy's and it tosses out 29 out of 30 pics. I'm left with just tweaking a couple of single shots. I do darks and Bias and 30 sec expos . Maybe it's due to Alt Az. What do you all think? Respectfully, Shanahan
  4. Thanks for the reply. I was just wondering. I have been using the same card for a few months. I have a 32G card still in the box but I guess there is no reason to change from a 64. Clear Skies, Shanahan
  5. Hi Folks, just a question. lets say you are taking a lot of pics with a Canon Eos. you are processing them then blanking the memory card. does anyone know if when you blank or erase the photos that the memory card becomes "pristine?" again. I thought about it as I blanked the 64 Gig card for the 50th time. is there a residua that may add to "noise" in future photos. Your thoughts, as always, are very appreciated. Respectfully, Patrick Shanahan
  6. Roger, A question from me. After 30 second exposures it's all bulb. So, what if you are off by a few seconds in a 2 minute exp? Respectfully, Shanahan
  7. Hi folks, Just asking, do you then use deep sky stacker? To put all of the frames together? Thanks Shanahan
  8. Greetings, I have had a great summer once I solved my dew problems with heaters and have taken some great pics. I have a Meade LX 200 8 inch SC Reflecting scope and a Cannon EOS T5i DSLR camera. I rarely need more than 90 seconds to get a decent(my Definition) picture with ALT AZ guiding. Yet I see most Astrophotographers use very long exposures and equatorial mounts. I bought a Meade 8 inch Wedge and have it on the way. It seems long exposures with my cannon produce color graininess at higher ISO settings. can anyone help with advice on how to get more detail and longer exposures without increased color grains. Now if I lower the iso I only see the stars. If too high big color swirls happen instead of defined Galaxies. enclosed is a pic that looked better in the raw. iso 1600 exp 30 sec
  9. Hello, I, likewise do a dew battle every clear night that I can get out there and try. I am from the eastern shore of the Chesapeake, it is down-right soupy with dripping sweat and dew on the computers, and camera and so on. When I wrote a similar note on the forum a while back. The most clever response I got was "Happiness, thy name is astronomy." Kind -of says it all, I think. In reading about it, there is great hope, that, sometimes the most dew laden skies are quiet above and can lend some great focused images. So, keep trying, because that one great view or image you get, is worth it. Try to avoid the terrible energy that trumps your spirit when its frustrating. Turn it around to smiling in the face of a bad image night. I think you will appreciate your good views and pics, when they come so much more. For more objective advise, Google Dew control in astrophotography and you will get an article from Sky and some ideas. I use a power tank and lens heaters and a large industrial fan to blow over my entire set up and chair and computer. I got a really nice pic of the Lagoon Neb recently doing that. Keep looking up. Clear-Not Soppy Skies, Respectfully Shanahan
  10. So sorry about my spelling, in the prior note. My Iphone spell checker slimed me.
  11. Battle with dew is tough this time of year on the Chesapeake. The night starts late and I haul all my gear out just at dusk to tune my spotting scope and match it to my 8 inch reflector. I know the dew is coming so I drag a used industrial size fan that will through a breeze over me and all my stuff while I go at the Sombrero again. I've got heaters and power tanks and wires and my lap top and wind in my ears. Then laugh out loud at it all. I am a happy Nerd! Is like to send a picture of my fan and scope.
  12. High Folks. I have a MEADE LX200 8 inch reflector and have a SONY NEX 5. I have an orion flip mirror and a tring that makes it poss to mount it right on the end of the flip mirror. Any advice on settings and or tricks of the trade? just waiting for a clear night to get out there!
  13. Thanks so much for the quick reply folks! VR, Shanahan
  14. The other night while viewing the moon on the dark side of the terminator I noticed this neat little crater With what seems like a debris field above. I stacked some pics but forgot where I was on the surface. I thought it might be fun for folks to try and guess where on the lunar surface this is and. . . Is there a name for this lovely crater?
  15. I am a new member as of March 28/15 and need advice on how to use SSAIO. I have some outstanding Jupiter pics but am having trouble adjusting the controls for star and Deep Space images and display on my laptop. the instruction book is not as comprehensive as I would wish. anyone out there with experience?
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