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  1. I had a similar problem a while back, first they spray painted the back of the plastic sticky out bit, but then I said it wasn't working, so they offered and replaced the whole lamp head for me to ones that only shine down. I'm very happy:D
  2. And yeah, only for mounting a dslr (but maybe I might upgrade in the future)
  3. Hi, sorry about that, under 300 preferably, and I'm hoping to get it used to keep the costs down
  4. Hi all, sorry I've been away for a while! Any recommendations for an eq mount for wide field imaging? Preferably at the cheaper end, at the moment I'm considering: EQ3-2 EQ5 HEQ5 Star adventurer Any pros/cons for any of these, also which would you get if you were in my position? Thanks!
  5. Congratulations to space x!!!

  6. Dpreview.com, but watch out, some are not as friendly as on here. Most don't reply to first posts and most of the time an argument breaks out on threads.
  7. A small planisphere? And a small cheap red torch
  8. Unfortunately it looks like I won't be making it up there this time. However we're hoping to come in the spring, but we'll probably book closer the time or last minute. Sorry guys
  9. As a comment to the reply above, to avoid neck ache you can connect the camera to a laptop or computer via USB and control it from the computer to avoid neck ache from trying to look at the settings, however for looking through the viewfinder you can get 90° adapters or you could just lay down underneath it.
  10. Can't say much about its astrophotography use as I've not had chance to use it due to the clouds. But as a camera as a whole it's great! I love it! I carry it with me everywhere!
  11. Was your pic of the chimney at night or at day? It might be because your camera selected a really high iso?
  12. You have to set it to manual if you want to use it without the lens
  13. I've used it quite a lot for daytime photography, not so much for AP due to the weather! It's a great camera! Spent about 5 hours wandering around the streets of Manchester doing Street photography yesterday and not one did it become a burden! It produces great results and I don't think the battery is that bad for what I do. But you'll have to see if you like the grip in your hand. My hands are small enough to hold it but I find it a lot comfier to wrap the neck strap round my hand when holding it as it adds onto the grip. But overall I really recommend it!
  14. Just a warning, on the 13th my dad and I will be arriving around 9pm as I'll be coming straight from school, we'll try not to blind you guys with the car headlights However we'll only be going weather dependent, could you guys update this thread with what the weather is like whilst you're there please, thanks!
  15. Great report! Glad you're enjoying it! One useful tool would be a telrad finder, it shows two rings that not only let you centre the object but help in star hopping.
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