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  1. Thanks a lot everyone for all your help I have a lot of thinking to do I will try and find a local club as suggested and go and have a look at the eyepeices if possible,I have managed to get out in the back garden tonight and use my scope for the first time as you know by now I only have the 40mm plossl that come with the scope,I see Jupiter very clearly but pretty small (I know this is not a planetary Veiwing peice) but I was very pleased with what I saw clear bands and some pretty good colour,I did see the Orion Nebula but I think my Alignment was slightly off and so in less I was looking at Jupiter I was getting lost a little bit.Anyway practice makes perfect n all that,I tried to look at many different dso but didn't see anything else I assume this was because of my alignment,I say it was off because although I did a 3 star alignment and the cpc said it was ok but when I slew to Jupiter each time I had to manually slew maybe 2/3 inch to the right each time to have it come into view so am I right in thinking I was a bit off on alignment ? However I still had plenty of fun and whatever EP i end up getting I'm sure I've got countless yrs of enjoyment ahead of me.
  2. Thanks Michael I'm definatly going to take your advivce mate and get the 22mm t4 & the 10mm vixen to start and then if I need to I will go from there.ok everyone I'm off for a while thanks again for all your help have a great day everyone and I will speak to you all later
  3. Ok guys thanks a lot for all your help I really appreciate it.i will defo have a look at those jules thanx mate I'm off out for a few hours now with the family for dinner so I will come back on later at some point,thanks again everybody.
  4. U durst was ment to say understand sorry about that
  5. What I need is to see a video or something of what I'm able to see through the different eyepeices to actually u durst and what I can expect to see with each type,because I don't mind spending big if I have to but I don't want to waste money if I'm not really going to know the difference between them (my brain hurts) lol
  6. Blimey it's so confusing lol ,well my scope cost me just under £2000 I've got a headache where I've been thinking and trying to understand it all lol
  7. Wow ronin that's big but I don't mind that if it does what I want and need,Ok bigsumorian that's brilliant thanks for your advice mate.im defo going to get the 22mm nagler t4 and then go from there I think.
  8. Ah ok mate thanks I didn't realise that cheers John would I need a new diagonal or can I get a converter ?
  9. Excellent well I'm off now mate cause my little boy has just woke up for his night time feed I'm definatly going to get a nagler t4 for my deep sky then 22mm and probably the 17mm as well if that's what you use,and then I will decide on what higher power ones to get for my planetary Veiwing I will have a look tomorrow at some point for the others and get back to you on this post if you don't mind mate. You have been a great help tonight thanks very much mate I really appreciate it.
  10. Ok Michael thanks a lot mate,but you would recommend them for deep sky ?
  11. Ah ok ronin forgot post above then I wrote that before seeing your post
  12. So if I bought a 20,15 & a 10 mm nagler if they do them in those sizes these would set me up fine then for deep sky and planetary ?
  13. Wow just had a look at those naglers pretty expensive but looking at all the reviews about them they seem worth the money,are all your eyepeices nagler Michael ?
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