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  1. and behind the ...and have others listen to it... is to have others recognise the importance / power of said individual and of course to have others act accordingly in the individuals presence. The nature of power as experienced by Homo Sap. michael
  2. for me it is the journey, the chase as it were. But what I have enjoyed in reading the replies (so far) is the ways of (all of us) being hunters and gatherers - how it is different and yet similar in that have different paths to a very similar goal. michael
  3. sign of the (technological) times? Handy to know as I'm not yet a member. michael
  4. and you don't have to be older. Many years ago a friend dropped in (a Horror Writer he is, age at the time was around 30) and whilst I was tinkering with the HiFi he asked if he could put the kettle on for a cup of tea. I finished what I was doing and headed to the kitchen, to find him seated with his head in his hands. I asked him what the matter was and he just pointed to the gas rings, where sat my partially melted plastic electric kettle. michael
  5. Janos, any luck with the ace/W10 support problem? michael
  6. you may need to send to many before one replies, that's why I thought ringing and searching the (London?) campus in person. I remember many years ago when attending a university for several units (HPS & Parapsych) I found the HOD of Physics very approachable especially given that I was a student but not from within his discipline. He liked the idea of a VLBI between NSW and Victoria. Another possibility is check course content in astronomy at different institutions and the check recommended texts which cover your interests. Then ring the course convenor. michael
  7. thanks for the link. This will be used later on today as we teach our kids at home. Ian whilst I identify with your comment about feelings of insignificance, I remember a novel, 'Healer' (F.Paul Wilson?) where in one scene the protagonist is making similar comments about how we, as a race are seemingly nothing compared with the universe. The other replies that it is far from it because we are able to experience the universe, we are able to explore the worlds around us, we are able to participate etc. So I suppose what I read is that size doesn't matter as we are "...all star stuff..."
  8. check out this group http://darksky.org/ from them you may develop some further ideas how to go about this or at least make some contacts via a local chapter (if there is one). Best of luck, as this seems to be a challenging area. Also, search for light pollution or similar in the threads on SGL some interesting comments have already been made in similar circumstances. michael
  9. this thread should be pinned for all new members / visitors to the site. michael
  10. I'll agree with the suggestion to get hold of a planisphere and / or stellarium. Have your son see what he can find with the planisphere, then use which ever telescope you decide on. You could always buy the planisphere now and strike whilst his interest is 'hot' so to speak. michael
  11. ah but I appreciate (if that is the best word) the sense of disproportion in the size of a 0.965 or 1 1/4 inch attached to a FT focuser at the rear of a 130. It always brings a smile. michael
  12. sorry if this has been posted elsewhere but I just noticed on the beeb; http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-scotland-edinburgh-east-fife-34712877 michael
  13. Josh, can't recommend any off hand but what I would suggest is that you go on-line and check for university courses in History and Philosophy of Science. Look at their units and references and you may strike it lucky.(as Mo would have said:) ) If you can find a 'local' uni - sorry I'm not familiar with London, it may be worth your while to ring the HPS Department and find out who it would be best to speak with and follow their recommendations. Long winded I know, but all part of research when one has an interest. By the way, there are many academics who would welcome the interest of a lay
  14. check this site out for your nearest group http://fedastro.org.uk/fas/members/members-a-z/ michael
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