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  1. I have the astronomik class filter for my Canon 450 d it replaces the uv/ir cut filter that covers the chip in the camera mine was already done as I bought the camera 2nd hand you my need to convert your camera for astrophotography if not already done , I think it just clips in rather than screws , unless you mean a light pollution filter for viewing in which case it would screw into the end of your eyepiece or barlow .
  2. Have you set the date the American way it has to be mm/dd/yyyy that might be the cause if synscan is out Dave
  3. Sorry to hear about your troubles with WO I thought they were a reputable company as said above I would be sending them a e- mail stating your consumer rights and demanding all monies back and including any shipping costs and import duties you have paid if they unwilling to pay at least the cost of the scope I would seek legal advice over it most companies will then sort things out if you threaten them with legal things as having to go to court etc looks bad on them , hope you get it sorted quickly I would then go to another manufacturer to get another scope. Don't give up on astronomy though , I know you have a bad taste in your mouth from WO but that is not indicative of the industry as a whole , maybe try not to import next time I don't know what South Africa is like for astronomy dealers though . Good luck Dave
  4. It must off been lovely to see the smile on her little face it's great when you can share a hobby with a child or grandchild I have a grandson who is four and when he is over he always wants me to get the telescope out he gets so excited when it is clear enough alas it always clouds over as it gets dark but he just likes to see the landscape through it anyway , I too cannot wait til autumn/ winter when it will get dark earlier and hopefully less cloud around.
  5. Nice image you've managed to capture quite a bit of detail in there keep up the good work thanx for posting Dave
  6. Very good image keep up the good work thanx for posting Dave
  7. Hi and a warm welcome to SGL from Caerphilly Dave
  8. Hi guys wondered if anyone has the same problem as me I've got a north facing rear garden so the house is to the south and I have a blocked view to North East by another house and my view of the horizon is pretty non existent everywhere apart from the north even there's a blumming great hill that way too . So wanted to know if anybody has same problem and how you go about an accurate polar alignment for astrophotography when it would nigh on impossible to drift align . Cheers Dave
  9. Nice image all that hard work paid off thanks for posting Dave
  10. Nice images mate congratulations on your wedding for tomorrow hope you have great day Dave
  11. Hi Katie A warm welcome to SGL from another newbie , you will us a friendly bunch , the night sky is full of wonders so just keep looking up when you can , I agree with above post when budget allows get yourself a good pair of binoculars , that will allow you to see more and with better detail . Dave
  12. My eq6 mount has recently developed a problem with tracking and goto's with using eqmod so I phoned up Bernard at Modern Astronomy to ask what it could be, he suggested a few things so I had a look but nothing obvious then I tried again and had smoke coming out of the mount. I emailed Bernard to give him the info and he said he would contact the importers straight away , they said it was a motherboard problem, so Bernard has ordered one for them to send to me straight away . This was all done within 48 hrs , so I would just like to say Bernard is a great bloke and gets things sorted really quickly . Dave
  13. That's the first upgrade I did to my eq6 went I bought I went for ADM saddle as well about a week after I bought the mount and I agree it's so much better than the standard clamp , it grips a lot bigger area of dovetail , so I don't worry about the ota falling out as long as the clamp is done up securly.
  14. Nice image thanks for posting Dave
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