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  1. Scopes set up in garden ready to go
  2. Thanks for the reply Rob. I was not really wanting to do high magnification viewing (although it would be nice) I was just trying to get an idea if its likely that my scope needs the collimation looking at. Being a total novice I'm not sure how clear these planets etc should look on a clear night. I think its been better than what I'm seeing at the moment in terms of sharpness if that makes sense. If when I look at Jupiter I've seen a nice sharp image albeit small, however lately it has become blurred round edges even on clear nights? Cheers
  3. I was using the correct link sourceforge like suggested, my antivirus is AVG, so not sure why the 32bit wouldn't download??
  4. Hi Guys, Thanks for the replies, I have managed to download it on the windows 64bit version, didn't seem to like the 32bit.
  5. Tried downloading this a few times now, keeps getting blocked saying Trojan horse virus!! anyone else had issues?? Cheers carl
  6. Thanks for the reply Rob. I'm not 100% on the collimation, I'm sure I have viewed Jupiter better than what I'm seeing now. The EP's I have are 25mm & 10mm with a 2x barlow. When the 10mm and barlow are together I get a larger image of Jupiter but its not as sharp as I think it should be? Think I defo need to check the collimation. Cheers
  7. Sky-watcher explorer 130P Az Goto. Sorry not sure how to edit last post!!!
  8. Hi, thanks for the welcome, my scope is a Sky-watcher 130P AZ Goto
  9. Hi Ed, Yeah its from my back garden, which is fairly dark, however street lights out front etc will cause light pollution. I will have to go out with scope and see how I get on. Ill try M94 see if I can find that. cheers
  10. Some newbie questions hope you can help, Can't seem to get good focus when looking a say Jupiter, could this be due to collimating? (Scope is a skywatchers 130p) Do the ep or mirrors mist up when outside? Last one, when I do a tour of sky on goto and pick say M66 I can't see anything. I've tried using all ep's Barlow the lot. Sorry if they are daft questions....total novice Cheers Carl
  11. Well enjoyed the observatory visit, pity about the cloud,rain, & wind!!!!! Better luck next time
  12. Weathers not looking good, our last visit in January was cancelled last min due to snow/ice on track although say was clear, we probs get there this time and not be able to see anything, might be third time lucky!
  13. Off to Kielder observatory this weekend for one of the Aurora events, hoping for clear skies. Anyone been
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