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  1. That's great!! I bought photoshop elements 10 the other week when it was on offer for £35 from pc world but it's so confusing!!! Think there's so many options on/in the software i don't know where to start. Lending the dummies guide to it from the local library next week.
  2. Is there an idiots guide(with pictures) to registax 5 out there somewhere?
  3. all the images were taken within about 5-10 minutes, so could they still be 'stacked'? The freeware you mention rings a bell, i've just had so little time to actually observe/take pics! had my scope about 2 1/2 yrs and the DSLR only 3 months and its only in the last few weeks i've managed to set it up and get some images!! (and thats only because i'm off work with a bad back at the mo!)
  4. as the title suggests, this is my first attempt at a lunar image using my Canon EOS 60D attached to my 6" newt. This was the sharpest image of about 20 i took, and i'm just not entirely happy. Compared to most of the images i've seen on the forum and elsewhere it appears i need help/advice! was taken at 1/250, ISO100, no PP critique/advice very welcome http://farm8.staticflickr.com/7044/6967646113_43c88dd596_z.jpg' alt='6967646113_43c88dd596_z.jpg'> IMG_1808 by Carlos575, on Flickr
  5. Hi I've managed to find a really good camera/flight case free of charge. The upper lid has egg shell foam attached, but the deep lower section has no foam or dividers! Where can i get some foam? I have searched the web and found a couple of places, but they want almost £20 for a block measuring 10 x 35 x 40cm!!! I think thats a bit excessive to say the least! also, what is the foam called? is it simply packing foam? Thanks ps, its for my Canon DSLR and accessories.
  6. what you've got sounds ideal. It's such a shame my company don't sell on their laptops. We get through literally dozens of them a year, all of which are sent for destruction as our head of IT deems it necessary!
  7. at the moment it'll only be used for storing/processing pics. either astro, or normal photography. RAW images etc. No tracking or GOTO or anything else complicated or requiring more ££££ outlay!! The occasional surfing/shopping, but not a work tool.
  8. and wi-fi enabled, and must have a disk drive!
  9. what's cheap in todays market? this? LENOVO G575 15.6" Laptop at cheap prices | PC World
  10. so a macbook is NOT an option!!!
  11. ok, i've got a scope, got a DSLR, and now will need a laptop to use to store images etc. What should i be looking for in the laptop primarily? It won't be used for anything else or by anyone else. I'm fairly restricted by cash, so would be looking at either second hand, or buying from somewhere that does finance.
  12. That's a stroke of luck then. I'm a lab technician and have access to/order all the solvents under the sun, and all very high purity too!
  13. What do people use for cleaning their EP's etc? I've seen some lens pens on offer on Amazon, but the reviews are either great or awful! Hama Lens Cleaning Pen: Amazon.co.uk: Electronics What other options are available?
  14. Hi My DSLR arrived yesterday, but i'm still waiting for the T ring so cannot connect to the scope as yet. I was curious to know if there is an adaptor available so i can attach my Canon EOS to my mount/tripod (EQ3-2)? as my existing camera tripod is as ridged as 3 strands of straw tied together with chewing gum!! Thanks
  15. just thought...if i only need the T ring, how can i attach a filter? They usually screw into the t adaptor don't they? and i wont be using one! Anywhere else i can attach one?
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