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  1. first attempt at using this software looks complatcated though im sure its not to bad after a wile any one point me in the right direction on a work flow for this please
  2. nice one, would it be worth droping down to iso 800 now your getting longer subs
  3. i would get the wo 72 bud they are a much better build than the sw equinox range you wont be disapointed
  4. http://stargazerslounge.com/sale/115509-celestron-astromaster-130eq.html bargin
  5. if you only have about 100 quid i would look at second hand you many get some thing better for your money keep looking on the second hand section you will get some bargins
  6. may pop round sunday long as nowt crops up bud
  7. well done buddy nice one fue hour work and your have your self a winner
  8. why not a good pair of binos on a tri pod flo has a good deal on celestron 70mm for about 50 quid i think your get some good veiws and more your price range Celestron
  9. thats odd .. the optics were clean same for my camera chip may be just due to the short exposure times .. thanks
  10. had a play with a equinox 100 last night as ive one on lone, cant wait till i get my megrez back, not that impressed with equinox had alot of banding in my image though short expo due to a lack of guiding about 2h in total in 3 min subs hope you like
  11. i may look to taking the leap to ccd in the next fue months looking to try get hold of a second hand atik16hr to use with my megrez 90 only worry will my lvi guider be ok for use with a ccd imager maybe a silly question though id check though lol will there be any thing else i will need eg flatner ect
  12. my brother has the 6" only 180 quid upgrade the ep and you got a good bit of kit jupiter is stunning and its apiture is good for dsos as well
  13. asur84 look at the skywatcher dob range on flo rols if you want to take images you will need a eq mount
  14. that eq7 looks sweet wish flo did HP lol id have a atik 4000 well i was at it lol
  15. ive been using a equinox 100 on lone well waiting for my megrez 90 and i think the veiws through my 90 are better though im no expert
  16. well done buddy 3 min subs unguided aint bad good to see the eq6 is working well
  17. reprocess of dumbell aswell loads better now
  18. thanks guys from what i understand from the 1000d there is low noise anyway and if you get enough subs u equal noise to signal ratio i look forward to seeing your image neil i really need to get my guiding mount set up on my 10" and get some proper use out of the 10" as ive only used 2 times for imaging hear is also a 15min total in 1 min subs of bubble nebula its a bit poo and i had to strech to the max
  19. more light intake on such short exposures bud
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