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  1. over the past fue months ive sorted out all new equipment and scope so ive now got a nice imaging rig just waiting on my 314l to arrive and im up and a way, cant wait. peir mounted eq6 megrez 90 with moon lite focuser zenithstar 70 guiding with lvi baader lrgb filters 314l and filter wheel i now have no money lol
  2. finaly ive finished my obs and im pleased ( which dosen happen oftan lol) early part of this year i went to b and q and brought a 6x4 shed (thats big as i was able to have ) i cut all the pannels down to the hight i wanted and then made the shed up then made a big hole in the base . my roof is made from pollycarb with a wood frame its quite light i can lift with one arm this pins in place and i can lift off and ready within a min got the base for the peir sorted and all bolted down only to find i had to take the shed apart to get over the peir lol all sorted now im just waiting on my new ccd to come. ive still a fue bits to sort but not much though, i cant think of a name so hoping you guys can help hope you like thanks toby
  3. well done thats a top result what werre your sub lengths
  4. stunning as always bud you will be pleased to hear ive turned to the dark side and got a 314l
  5. wow always look forward to your theads olly top work
  6. save the extra and get the 1000d bud you wont regret it
  7. ahhhh can i play with your m27 imaged with the 190 plzzzz ive nothing to play with though it would make a good thread having data for people to play with
  8. sorry should have put that on there makes all the diffrence having the camera modded thanks toby
  9. this was imaged with the 70 mm with canon 1000d about 3 hr work in 3 min subs processed in pixinsight and photo shop any advice welcome thanks for looking toby
  10. ok so im now thinking maybe a bit tight with the buget so looking at the 314l with filter wheel rgb filters and narrowband would i need a field flattener with the megrez 90 thanks
  11. ive got a moon light bud so no problem there ,is it possable just to screw the filters in place or not i figured the filter wheel is just to save changing them over i cant afford another scope lol looking at mono just rgb maybe ha aswell
  12. ive been saving the pennys ive about 2000 pound to spend on a ccd and set of filter it will be used with the megrez 90 though not sure what to go for i would like some thing like the 383l and maybe a set of 2" filters any ideas
  13. cant you download on rapid share for me bud cant download your link
  14. thanks bud im quite pleased with the end result of this one which makes a change
  15. had another edit at this really liking the software just nead some new data to chuck at it
  16. thanks olly i used the colour calibration im using dslr also could it differ depending on rgb filters would one brand differ to another thanks toby
  17. ive been having a play with pixinsight processing program and this is what ive come up with so far.. i must say once you have got you head around how the softwares basics eg.. watched harrys tuts the software is easyer to use than photo shop, you can do 2 things in pixinsight to inprove your image that take 5 things in photoshop im very impressed so far any one who hasnt tryed it should download the demo and give it a go hope you guys like my efforts any advice is welcome thanks for looking toby
  18. got them working thanks bud very helpfull ive come up with this so far i think ive got a bit more detail from pixin than photoshop any only first try love the saturation in curves it also seams a bit smother i think il be getting a copy when the test runs out
  19. i just cant get them to play i click and nothing happenens bud
  20. i cant get you vid tuts to play going through the writen ones its a bit harder than ps to get to grips with thanks harry im sure il be pestering you soon lol
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