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  1. tj i allready blame you lol as i seen you posted earlyer a link to the site and ive spent both sat and sun in frount of the laptop playing and ive not got any jobs done lol they are very helpfull ive had another play pulling details out and softing the background gases i think its starting to work what you think any idea were i can get one of the tablets he uses
  2. thanks bud what did you do a standard strech noise reductions then hdr waveletts
  3. seams alot easyer than what these guys are having to am i right in saying this
  4. http://rapidshare.com/files/433613766/9h58min.TIF raw stack
  5. any one used the lrgb combernation in pixinsight
  6. ive been trying to pick up some new processing teqs with ps using layers to try and get some depth of field and sharpening tecs were can i get hold of one of these tablet drawing pads that link to your computer, processing image just seems to get more and more complex though am injoying il post my attempt and i will post the raw stack as well theres 7h data with bias and flats this image also made it into sky and night any links to processing site will be wicked please
  7. I'm not sure if you mean the focuser is fixed the the scope via 3 grub screws then yes Is this going to be a pain to sort out
  8. i think / sure it some thing to do with the focuser its producing 3 defractions how do i solve this problem also found with ccd imaging there so many wires lol i need to get organised i manage one 5 min sub at -15 i get the feeling this ccd stuff is goin to make me gray
  9. lol well my ps3 is called sally lol thanks doc i will be happy when i finaly get up and imaging aging its been 3 months driving me nuts lol just waiting for the filter wheel for the 314l how you getting on with the cam lens thanks toby
  10. thanks olly cant wait till i get up and running
  11. thanks for the reply martin on order now cant wait to get my first light now though im still wighting on the filter wheel can i image just screwing in the filter any idea if i will be able to get focus with th megrez 90 or will i need a 50mm adapter
  12. any one know of a good power lead for my ccd so i can plug into mains rather than a cig adapter thanks
  13. ok so ive a atik 314 on the way to me now ive been told i dont n eed a focal reducer with the megrez 90 though if i want a wider fov what would i need to get thanks toby
  14. were these all just lum there very nice
  15. thank you for all the replys all most helpful il see how i get on thanks alot toby
  16. are there any good books for help with astro sketching thanks toby
  17. lol thanks i may call it the she said obs thanks ron i like that lol
  18. im getting a atik 314l ive forkrd out for baader lrgb filters and a 7m ha filter where can i find how to blend ha into lrgb or do i just use hargb hows it work thanks toby
  19. well done you must be very pleased have alook may help How to stretch the histogram using levels and curves
  20. i hope next week lol im getting sweaty palms lol
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