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  1. hello everyone, i have a 1000d ive used it a fue times for taking picture or the moon im interested in taking some of ngc7000 could some one please give me some tips on imaging this. i have a zenithstar 70 using a mount from a celestron se thanks toby
  2. i seen two metor last night though any one know what happened to mars last night stayed up till four and no sign
  3. well on the subject of new zs 70 what will you be keeping yours in trying to find a suitable bag for scope and camara any ideas
  4. thank you very much you guys and girls are the best
  5. thank you i dont surpose you or know any one who would be willing to give me tips or advice from time to time ive tryed looking on the net though there is so many sites and finding the right one is a pain . i have a eos and dsi pro 2
  6. astrokat


    From the album: first atempts with ccd

  7. astrokat


    From the album: first atempts with ccd

  8. astrokat

    IMG 1617

    From the album: my new zenithstar 70

  9. astrokat

    IMG 1615

    From the album: my new zenithstar 70

  10. yep thats what i want to do.... hopefuly i know its the same shape though its a bit small and would be very close to the mount if you understand what im saying!! do you think this would been a problem. i think its about 50 pound for a wo dovetail bar i would rather spend the cash and get the parts for the job than chance damaging or scraching the scope or the lovely finsh .do you think im been over the top
  11. thank you very much for you help i will give this ago soon as i get home and let you know how i get on i will post some pics aswell do i need to buy another dovetail bar
  12. ive tryed the dew sheild and all i managed to do was unscrew part of the scope not sure what i was doing so quickly did it back up ,my se does have one though im guessing this means taking things apart can i buy one for the zs.... thank you for your help
  13. hello im very new to this fourm and in need of help. i have just got a new zenithstar 70 now this may be a silly question but i do not want to damage it before ive had the pleasure of using it .. how does the retractable dew sheild work, also i have a celestron 6 se and want to attach it to the mount what is the best way to do so thank you....toby
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