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  1. Once camera is connected you have to press the loop button then adjust to required exposure time. loop button is second left at bottom.
  2. If the bias frames are common to all groups putting them in the main group alone is another way.
  3. I would say yes. I'm still a beginner but know for sure this hobby is about dotting the i and crossing the t.
  4. I have not used the phd2 drift align routine yet but don't take it for granted that the polar scope came from the factory perfectly aligned. If you haven't checked, this video is how i did mine, which was out.
  5. I'm not familiar with canon but on my nikon d5300, changing ISO does has no effect on liveview unless i go into the movie settings and change to manual movie settings. This is inconvenient as when ready to take images i must change settings back or I'm limited to 1/50 sec exposure. Maybe your canon has a similar annoyance.
  6. I would also take a lot more bias as they take next to no time to take. I usually image at Iso 800 so use the same master bias in all my stacks for a while.
  7. When i stack data from different sessions of same ISO and similar exposure lengths. I put the bias in main group (first tab) as it is common to all subsequent groups and then in group 1 lights, darks and flats from session 1. group 2 the lights darks and flats from session 2 and so on.
  8. I'll look into registar, thanks Olly. Richard
  9. I've just reread my question, it isn't very clear. Anyway problem overcome by starting the processing again with new images and cropping later on.
  10. I am in the process of trying my first composite image of M42. The problem i have come up against is that the two images are now different sizes due to cropping the edges slightly after the stacking. I clicked on" actual pixels" thinking that they would scale the same but they don't, so I'm have problems aligning. Any advise greatly appreciated. CS5
  11. I take it you are talking about steppenwolf's and stargeezer tim's versions
  12. Thankyou for your version, very encouraging. I'm going through ps tutorials at the moment following everyones comments. This is what cloudy nights are for I suppose. I didn't think playing with curves for 5 mins was going to be enough. Its nice to hear i'm on the right track for capturing data as a novice.
  13. Thanks for reprocessing, it shows what can come from my data and gives me a real goal to achieve.
  14. Thank you Olly, I'm only famililar with curves so far. Time to get learning.
  15. Thankyou. What sort of tricks might they be?
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