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  1. #Steady now John is not connected with them but does have a wealth of knowledge on scopes etc. Simply a heads up for those interested. Without malice John
  2. Used to get this all the time when using the mains power supply. As stated it is an earth problem. I used an earth spike and never had a problem again. It was never quite a shock, more the tingling feeling. Always use a RCD. John
  3. Is there an option in the menu to reverse the directions, i am sure there is.
  4. I pick up my Baader zoom next week I have tried one a few times and am very impressed. I have a Seben zoom that is not too bad at all, but the Baader is a lot sharper. I really appreciate the convenience of the zoom. John
  5. I think it is a bit of a step up, but not huge. It is quite a hefty lump compared to the EQ6. Without taking anything away from the seller i would imagine the Mesu to be a better leap. A lot more money but vastly superior to both these mounts. It all depends upon your end goals. John
  6. I know the chap selling this. It is a nice mount in great condition. He is a great chap and a pleasure to deal with. I recently swapped a crayford focuser with him. When i visited he had a C11 edge mounted on it, made me drool a bit. John
  7. The mount is having a lot of problems as witnessed on the cloudynights forum. I would not buy one for a while until all the issues have been resolved.
  8. Dare not add up what i have spent over the years But does it stop us..............................nope, not a chance.
  9. Nice, perhaps a bit more mag?
  10. Any comments on the Baader ortho for planetary use?
  11. PM sent. Have a look at Albireo a beautiful double, one orange and one blue....superb
  12. Great post, really interesting. Not everyone can afford high end stuff so it is nice to see comparisons in a range open to most of us.
  13. Quick change in PS of curves and balances. Hope you do not mind.
  14. Nice shot, you can use the curves in PS and also the brightness and contrast to bring out features.
  15. Just seen the S and T pocket atlas, looks great and is now on my list of must haves.
  16. My pride and joy now carries a slightly larger refractor. (Bresser 152mm F5) This gives me the Mak for planets and lunar, and larger aperture refractor for widefield and some dso. The Skytee 2 copes well with the load and continues to impress. I cannot help saying over again how impressed i am with the mount.
  17. Nice image of my favorite Messier. look forward every winter to getting re-aquainted. John
  18. Great shots, look forward to future ones. John
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