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  1. 3 minutes ago, RayWUK said:

    A question for all you EQ Mode users.

    Just about to mount my newly acquired AZ-GTI on my WO wedge and then realised that what would become the RA axis (Az) is at 90degrees to my Star adventurer RA axis. So Altitude of Star Adventurer is currently set to 52 Degrees on the wedge so when i mount the AZ-GTI i presume i need to reduce this 38 degrees (90-52) before trying a PA. Or am i seeing this all wrong?


    That is correct method

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  2. 3 minutes ago, AKB said:

    These are nice pictures.  If we're looking at what you were look at whilst (or, rather, by the end of) imaging, then this is EAA / EEVA in my book!

    Nice wide FOV.  Good to see the 'Running Man' clearly in the Orion image too.

    Welcome to this addictive technique.


    Thank you Tony

    It is very addictive!

    I view the target in live stacking mode and then when i wish to move on i use the capture function to save the current stack view. 

    The images are as i saw them on the tablet.

    It works for me as i do not have the patience or wish to learn all the processing techniques.

    I started on the easy targets as most do 🙂

    For me EAA/EEVA  is the way forward.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, StevieDvd said:

    Based on your listed equipment is this not standard imaging rather than EAA, or are these captures of the integrated view?

    Not knocking the images - they are good.

    My apologies if I've got the wrong idea.

    The images are stacked from the Asiair plus live view.  The capture of the live view may be interpreted as imaging, i am not really sure?

    By background is in visual astronomy so all this is new to me.

    I think most of it is down to the ease of the software. 🙂


  4. 5 minutes ago, Mike JW said:

    Hi John,

    In the EAA thread we try to encourage folk to post not only how you did it as indicated by 'M40, - scope, camera, time etc, but observational comments, (features you have noted, research article references, info you might have found out about the object). By doing this it makes for observational astronomy, informs and inspires others and builds up our collective knowledge. Sometimes a comment is simply 'wow, this view is so beautiful'.

    Incredible first attempts - I have never achieved such quality.


    PS - I note you are on Mersea Island - know it well from my younger days of sailing.

    Thanks Mike

    I will take that onboard, it is still early days for me 🙂

    Looking good for tonight...fingers crossed

  5. As the one who posted the video i have no issue with it being removed.

    I had second thoughts after posting as this is a family forum and i had put it up hastily. (Hence the edit about language)

    I agree with the sentiment about Brian that he does bring in new blood to the hobby.

    It is the production staff at fault i would imagine. :smiley:

  6. Hi John

    They are still a little stiff but very good when loaded.

    The saddles are rubbish and most owners upgrade to ADM ones...they ought be included.

    I am very impressed with mine and it is great with a Bresser 152 and Intes 715.

    Best regards


  7. By the way it in the box there was only the mount, the two dovetail saddles and the counterweight rod, but no printed manual or any tools (I only ordered the head). Is anything missing and can I find a manual online (I searched without luck). Non that i know of. The mount is simple to use and will not take you long to master.

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