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  1. As novae spew out heavier elements, will there come a time when all of the simplest elements, hydrogen, be converted up the line?
  2. Thanks Earl for your input. My initial entry could not possibly cover a lot of material. As far as matter being lost we are led to believe that during inflation the speed of light was exceeded thereby allowing matter/energy to be expelled, where to, who knows but possible to another universe collecting "stuff" from other universes like our own. What the escape velocity would be at that early period is, I believe unknown. The expansion of the universe as well may have another explanation such as centrifugal force. Unseen and untraceable. For that to happen the entire universe would have to rotate like everything else in the cosmos . This rotation could not be detected for obvious reasons. It would certainly have to be enough to overcome the attraction that holds everything together. With centrifugal force, the outer edge spins faster which is consistent with observations that the farther away the object is the greater the red shift. I am way over my head here but I really enjoy putting forth my ideas and getting feedback.
  3. I would propose the material currently missing from our universe was all there at the Big Bang moment but over the billions of years much has radiated off into the void. Every star,pulsar,quasar and black hole radiate out, from birth, their contents over time. Some of the material would be retained but much would be lost especially at the outer fringe of the universe where there is nothing to stop it from leaving the universe entirely. As an additional thought, is it possible that the expansion of the universe is caused by the pressure of all the radiation flowing out from every body onto every other body. I remember the ECHO satellite being pushed out of its orbit by sunlight. Any reader will soon determine that I am a rank amateur despite my 77 years.
  4. This is a great way to get into the mix without having to go out at night.I have been interested in astronomy since I was a boy and over the years owned quite a few telescopes. I do not do any viewing anymore except through binoculars and not in -30 Celsius. I expect to learn plenty from others who know a lot more than I do about the heavens.
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