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  1. Thanks all for your help! I've just realised that I've made a typo in the subject line - written "an" and should be "a"...must have been all those hours of researching telescopes fried my brain! Costs - I knew going into this, it wouldn't be a cheap affair, but with so many different price ranges and blogs / forums saying it's not always the price, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't paying a small price but getting a "budget scope" or even paying a lot and finding that as I learnt more, I could have had a less expensive scope that did exactly the same (the whole paying for the brand scenario) - speaking of brands, what brands are reputable or the best place online / shop to buy? I understand from some of the comments above that it may be worth looking at second hand for the mount? UK wise, I'm based in the Chester area (North West) - usually head out to places like Rhosneigr in Angelsey or even up to Northumberland (Keilder Forest). I have a Canon 600D (again not the most expensive camera) and have produced some ok 'starry' photos with just my 300mm lens and tripod but I don't just want ok Granted the attached photo I took last year is really basic (but it was just with my DSLR and 300mm lens so bear with me!). Although photography is a hobby, I have won some landscape and animal photography competitions, so I do take it seriously and I'm itching to get into astrophotography The night sky fascinates me and it would be great to be able to take this kind of photo eventually: http://rebloggy.com/post/1k-landscape-upload-night-stars-colors-nature-2k-new-mexico-astrophotography-ver/81291663373 But I know I'm trying to run before I can walk so thank you for all your advice so far Gem P.S note taken - it's all about the mount!
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  3. Hi all I'm new to this forum so must firstly apologise if I am repeating a topic that has been discussed before! I've spent the last 3 hours trawling through pages and pages of advice for beginner telescopes (Astrophotography) and, honestly, I am more confused that I was 3 hours ago! Being a keen photographer, I understand aperture, focal length, needing an adapter to fit my DSLR (Canon) etc however I am still clueless with what telescope would be best for me as a beginner in Astrophotography?! I'm particularly interested in the deep sky (star clusters, galaxies etc) so it would, in an ideal 'lottery winning' world, be great to have a telescope with a motion sensor for example I'm not flush with cash so the cheaper the better however I also don't want to pay budget and get exactly what I've paid for...budget! If it means saving for an extra few months, I'm willing to wait for the right telescope! Any help, advice, suggestions would be greatly appreciated :-) Thanks all!
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