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  1. Hello All, Does anyone have any experience with this sort of guide scope? I am hoping to add a ZWO ASI120MM-Mini Guide camera to it. Specs of the guide scope: - Wide FOV - 50 mm Aperture (Fast f/4 focal-ratio) - 1.25 push fits & T2 Connections Thank you all
  2. Ill use the one you had provided. Thank you I'm assuming it just the case of removing the screws and adding the new bracket in?
  3. Hello Ladies & Gentleman, I would in need of require your assistance for my current tube that I have got. I currently have a Celestron Starlight XLT tube and I am looking for a new Finderscope (This one did not come with as I bought it of one of my Uni friends). I am not fussed into the red dot sites and I would like someone similar to the EXPLORE SCIENTIFIC ES 8x50. Any questions by all means ask :)
  4. Hello There, I was wondering if you could help me. I am currently making a setup but I would like to add a good finderscope onto my Celestron Starbright XLT scope. Any ideas would be appreciated. Kind Regards Welsh Dave
  5. Cool, is the EQ5 a goto mount thought. Im really looking for mounts with goto systems.
  6. I would like the tripod to have a goto system aswell.
  7. Hey There, I was wondering, I've seen pictures of people attaching the ETX 125 telescope onto say for example a Sky watcher EQ 5 mount which I really like that type of mount. Wat are the parts needed for this to happen?. I know that you need a dovetail but there are so many sizes and I do not know which one to choose. Help would be appreciated Thanks. Dafydd Carhart.
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