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  1. Very helpful indeed. Yes they operate from Neil's property but the MAIN issue is that they give excellent service nonetheless whether its via internet/mail order or whethr I turn up for an appointment - I get VERY good one-to-one service when I do.
  2. Checked the quite a few of main dealers incl. some internet only and all find seem to be selling at £420ish for the 8" steel/£620 ish for the CF version.....unless I've missed a few.????
  3. We stopped using an auto-responder as an email getting throu and an autoreply sent back is a clear signal for the spammer that the junk mail arrived at a real email address, which gives the spammer a "good" reason to keep sending spam. Spam just increased. I agree with Kh3ldar here - and You only have one mother/parent. Who knows if he had to leave quickly and didn't have time to put a note on his website and was busy dealing with family issues?
  4. With a few other frames just put this together - very quick play at doing this so sorry for the poor quality - but you should be able to see discovery and ISS pass over.
  5. Discovery and ISS at 725ish tonight. 5 Sec exp 800iso. Wonderful to see this.
  6. according to p6 under the Lock or Re-Lock menu "Manual/Re-lock: the synguider will show a small pick-up crosshair in the image area.....where you can use the 4 direction buttons to move the cross hair onto or near a star. Press ENTER to lock the synguider on the star". So I guess it means that it will guide on a star not centered. Auto mode tries to lock automatically on to the star. But I agree it seems they there is a contradiction where it later mentions to centre a star using the guidescope adjusters....
  7. ...due to trees...then it wasn't visible due to houses :-( Mount problems early last Sunday eve caused the trailing but was sorted afterwards giving a good few hours without problems. Taken with 80mm apo, Atik 314L+ and L filter with only 1 x 240s exposure! Processed in CS. Was going to ditch but more detail than expected so decided to share.
  8. Qucky before is was hidden for a while Atik 314L+ Astronomik Filters 80mm Triplet 4 min exp each
  9. Atik 314L+ LVI Autoguider 80mm Triplet ZS66 Guider 4 x 4 min exp with Astronomik L Filter Flat fields - none saved - due to software problem. Roughl calibrated monitor. From last Sunday eve.
  10. From a bit earlier this year... 80mm Triplet SXV-H9 Mono *Unguided* 2 min exp x 4 Stacked - Deep Sky Stacker CS for tweaked final processing No monitor calibration - that comes later. Should see spiral arms...hopefully...
  11. Thank you Steve for your kind words. I love mono images too - not just astro related but there are some landscape/industrial images I have taken and a large number I have seen in photo art galleries that look amazing just in b&w - they have a "presence" thats lost in colour.
  12. Thanks for your comments TJ/johnh : These shots were ones to test out the whole system and I'd have used more subs and longer ones in the latter 2 objects. I did do 1x10 min sub (for test only) on each to try out how well the LVI autoguider performed and they came out well with _no_ trailing at :-) Images processed with DSS/CS with skylight flats.
  13. Thank you for the kind words TJ - I do .... when clear skies allow - but I strive to get the best b&w ones I can in case it turns out cloudy for a long while... :-) I do have Baader LRGB as well as Baader Ha/SII/HB/OIII waiting in the wings in a SX filter wheel ready to pull out when the skies clear.......wishful thinking at the moment....
  14. keep getting timed out when I try and upoad..sorry....will endeavour...
  15. 80mm triplet sxv-h9 mono LVI Autoguider M45: 7x5 min exp Neb near Sadir: 4 x 5 min exp Elephants trunk: 2 x 4 min exp
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