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  1. Just in time for spring then. ?
  2. “Modern “ soldering irons never seem to last very long. I have one that I have had for more years then I care to remember, it has great heat distribution and warms quickly. Bought a new one from Maplin’s some months ago as I needed some needle point tips. You get more heat from a match stick, rubbish.
  3. You could notch the arm to allow the cap to drop a little bit more. Just a thought ? Ed
  4. Gina, what is the gap between the neck and the cap sides? There does not appear to be enough of a flair on the cap to allow it swing off, or is that just the way it looks on the drawing? Ed
  5. Depends on the subject matter they will speak on.
  6. But one that requires great care no doubt.
  7. After reading the posts on here about 10 times to make sure I had some idea of what I needed to do I took the plunge again into Linux. Only, this time I stuck at it. I have loaded Linux Mint 18.2 Sonya Cinnamon edition on a fresh hard drive, I had serious problems with error messages on a couple of old but working drives, and then loaded ; Kstars Skychart (CDC) IndiStarter tried Skychart this morning and it appeared to connect first time to my Meade LX200 GPS. However, I had to go out as I needed a ride on the motorcycle to wipe the cobwebs away. Came back and opened the O
  8. It’s a smartfinder probably off an LX90 GPS model
  9. Have you placed in 2 different USB ports at any time?
  10. First thing I would do is talk to your local council planning department. They are normally very helpful.
  11. I run two cat 5 cables and associated converters and everything works fine. wifi for me at least is just to slow and prone to failing. Ed
  12. Ditch the tripod and dig the hole for pier. Worth it in the long run.
  13. Use FS365 https://www.scottoiler.com/uk/products/scottoiler-fs365.html
  14. What is the distance between your laptop and the scope.? USB cables do not like distance.
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