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  1. Gina, looking forward to this project. Ed
  2. I run two cat 5 cables and associated converters and everything works fine. wifi for me at least is just to slow and prone to failing. Ed
  3. Ditch the tripod and dig the hole for pier. Worth it in the long run.
  4. Use FS365
  5. Very impressive Gina.
  6. What is the distance between your laptop and the scope.? USB cables do not like distance.
  7. Very, very nice thank you for sharing.
  8. Very interesting, thank you for sharing.
  9. I was going to reply by saying there all pretty much the same. However, thats not true. You may wish to read this if you do not wish to lose permanent access to the socket then you are better off using a device that Offers a pass through mode.
  10. Distance is not a problem. The mains power supply is used to transmit signals from the distant adapter. I have my garage connected to the main house in this way and it works fine.
  11. That is a beautiful image.
  12. Feet are a great idea as MDF does not like water.
  13. You should find all you need to know from here
  14. Halfords are selling 6 tiles 120x180cm for £10 at the moment. Maplins are £12.99 for the same thing