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    Bringing knowledge seekers and sharers together to engage in Astronomy using alternative methods.
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  1. until
    A fabulously friendly and informal STAR CAMP with lots of education and lots of fun! visit www.solarsphere.events for details of the whole event plan!
  2. Thanks, will ad onto the calendar Re day passes... we only have weekend passes as we're limited to numbers, however, if we still have spaces w can release a few day passes nearer to the time, but will only do this probably the week before. Best to check the website for this www.solarsphere.events
  3. Thank you so much.... we love doing this, it's hard work but rewarding to see people getting involved!
  4. Hi Everyone! SOLARSPHERE ASTRONOMICAL & MUSIC FESTIVAL is just around the corner! AUGUST 10th-13th sees many Astronomers and budding Astronomers enjoying this wonderful star camp in Wales. Please read the 'About Me' section on our profile to learn about what we do VISIT: www.solarsphere.events for full details about the event EMAIL: sarah.stagefright@gmail.com for queries. Hope to see you there!
  5. Hi Everyone, 
    Please read the 'About Me' section to get an insight into what we do.  We'd love to see a lot more new faces at Solarsphere, so please join us for a wonderful weekend at what will be more than a 5* experience!! :D 

  6. AUGUST 10th-13th  ....   Looking forward to Solarsphere Astronomy Festival!   If you've never been, come along and enjoy this fabulous little star camp! 

    solar observing.jpg

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