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  1. I've now finished the base utilising the original base minus its legs...substituting an enamelled pie plate!!! will post pics ASAP. It works a treat and only cost my wife a pie plate....she had two anyway......I can't eat two pies at once..mmmm I wonder.
  2. if you didn't touch the inner legs, do i take it that you can't now retract the inner legs fully into the top sections…as they are almost the same lenghth to start with.
  3. You may ask,why.....its to make a new base for my Mag 1 Portaball 12. I'm quite tall with a bad back and the way a Portaball works enables be to get the "ball" higher up for low angle observations and also makes it good for outreach events. BTW. The annular support for the " ball" is yet to be sorted on the tripod head.....watch this space.
  4. You can't just cut off the tops as you will loose the little screw that stops the leg from falling out. you have to take off the bottoms of the smaller legs to get the inner tubes out from the top, so that you can retain or at least get at the little screw Ive finished my little tripod conversion. See pics.Small pop rivet removed from small leg finial.The friction bar with the "peg" normally seen from the outside, removed from the main leg boss.Once the inner leg has had its finial removed you get this view of the clamping plate that lives inside the main leg boss.The assembly.The little screw only available once the inner leg is removed...after removing the finial.The orientation of the clamp late.Before major surgery.After major surgery with a hacksaw and then superfine grindstone to finish...don't leave any burrs!.The new assembly.Al together.The same glue on the end finial.All three sorted and ready for reassembly.The post surgery result and the spare bits..After shortening the central bracing straps..(they were very crudely finished originally !....RESULT.All of the bits left over......not to be thrown away!
  5. Well success ..heat from an air paint stripper, (not enough to peel the paint ), carful but moderate sustained application of force(small hammer), the goo left behind reminds me of polyurethane glue!!!??? now I have to separate the leg sections and shorten them...watch this space. The little screw just visible in the inside leg pic seems to be the only thing preventing the leg sections separating in use. Now for the bottom bosses, not quite so confident here, I can see a small pin driven in and made flush with the outside of the boss....mmmmmm. WATCH THIS SPACE.(especially if it's cloudy).
  6. Thanks for those ideas and probable solutions Any excuse to use the hot spanner. !!!!!!!!! SGL is such a good place to belong -:))
  7. Hi everyone, does anyone know how to get the top yoke off the leg of a Meade tripod ? i have a need for a low tripod and will be cutting about 1/3 off the length of the legs. i think they are "glued" on! Don't think they are threaded. Can't see any pins/studs/surface irregularities to give me a clue. may need to use the hot screwdriver,!! cherrs All
  8. Thanks all for the info ..I have to say this is the info that came to a dead end when I tried, perhaps I'll find an email address. my specific problem is that the previous owner of the PB had substituted 6v 1.3Ah batteries for the 12v 2.1 Ah stated in the OM they were in series so gave 12v but their capacity was dire! and the charger that came with the PB wouldn't work properly...the batteries got a bit warm. with the 10" mirror in the base there is not a lot of circumferential space to put large/ long batteries and most 21v 2.1Ah I can find are long beasties that bridge the 2 supports inside the ball, hence my queries. just as an aside this is the first Zambuto mirror pair that I've used........I shall get another scope with these in if the situation arises , the views are bright with superb contrast and quite frankly I've seen stars I've never seen before ...bit of a cliche I know but it's true. thanks again all, please keep the info coming if you can, I don't want to compromise a great design with a botch up.
  9. Hi everyone,I'm the pleased owner of a Portaball 10 which is quite superb, but I have a problem with the batteries. I am trying to find the contact details of the new owner and producer of PB's I have tried the contact details I can find and none of them work, the email gets bounced as undeliverable and I haven't found a contact number yet. Does anyone have Mag1's contact details please? Fang.
  10. hi just been looking at your avx strip-down… on the pics of the worm drives they don't show locknuts on the end of the backlash adjusters… are they supposed to be there? great article btw.
  11. hi everyone , i am sorry its taken so long to reply to all of the considered comments. I've been doing scope stuff when i had the chance, . the most favoured vanes are curved ones most popular with all asked! Trussed with lightweight liner seems to be the best compromise for lots of reasons. OO are indeed going to do the coatings at a spectral response of my choosing!! 3" feather light has turned out to be the most popular. i am about to investigate the costs of getting some of the the internal surfaces coated in Vantablack I'll keep SGL updated on that one when i can. The whole lot will have an SBIG 11000CM on the back, behind an Active Optics unit.... watch this space //No pun intended!!! thanks again guys...oops and girls i guess.
  12. I'm beginning the design to put a 24" dall kirkham/ odk together and have a few ?'s prior to getting the CAD together. So here goes! 1: What do people think about "spiders" ...There are lots of designs and some drawbacks to some. Do I go for straight, curved, double "spoke" or do I try a glass support for,the secondary....Maksutov fashion?? 2: Open carbon truss, carbon tube. 3: Focuser, 3" 4" .....Type? 4: Building the scope for AP, deep sky stuff .....so what about the type of mirror coating? ( thinking EM spectrum ..how wide a reflectance spectrum do I need at this point). Any suggestions for the mirror coating suppliers. What shall I put the in the mix. Any ideas,people have share them...please.?? BTW I know it's going to be expensive....I'm only going to do it once!!! Any thoughts would be most gratefully received.
  13. Hi everyone, l am new to SGL and a returning amateur after 30plus years. i have a query..... SUPERSCOPES DOMEI'm trying to find ANY information about a now long since closed company.SUPERSCOPES.They produced observatory domes of a high standard in the 80/90's I've learnt recently that they used to produce 2 wall heights (42" and 60" ) and I'm looking for information on these wall sizes and on the bits and pieces that the dome runs on.If anyone knows ANYTHING about these domes please get in touch.Any sort of documentation or images most welcomeSorry can't even tell you where in the country they used to be!!Thanks everyone. Can anyone help? peter.
  14. Hi, everyone haven't logged in for ages. does anyone have any experiences with an Orion Optics ODK12 that they might like to share, with particular reference to setting up and centering,/collimating. have been using a C8 and C11 EHD's and have no problems. I've been offered an OO CDK12 and just wondered what the enormous knowledge base of SGL thought about these couple of points, re the 12
  15. Hi everyone, long time no speak! i have just aquired a Starlight Xpress SXV EX UNIT as a stand alone and want to try and use it on another mount/camera set up. Does anyone know the "pin outs" for the little thin 18 pin iPad like connector on the end? any information will help I'm sure, Starlight are a little reticent to divulge, quite understandably. fspp369
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