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  1. Glasgow is only second to Cambridge for astrophysics! University Rankings League Table 2010 | Good University Guide - Times Online
  2. That's a bit condescending Steve. Also I don't understand what relevance boasting about your qualifications has. Paul posted a serious question and is quite entitled to request serious feedback on it. I think you perhaps took that a bit too personally. You don't know Paul personally, so are not able to comment on his credibility of working in Science. He seems to have a lot to offer to the scientific community from what I can see. If only people would listen to him instead of childishly throwing sarcastic comments....
  3. I totally agree with you Paul, if the ancients had shared the view of physics only being concerned with what's useful, science as we know it would not be as it is today. I'm pretty sure most discoveries weren't made on the basis of the outcome having some use... it was the curiosity that drove these scientists to experiment and ponder the wonders of the universe - the sheer thrill and excitement of finding out how it all works! I believe the late Richard Feynman put it perfectly - To get an idea of understanding nature, imagine the gods are playing some great game like chess, you don't know t
  4. Well the weather for here has been forcast as partly cloudy so we will see what that actually means when the time comes! I found between 12 and 1 last night to be the time when the meteors seem to peak for the night, it was really beautiful. Just unfortunate about the moon, but even seeing a few makes you happy you spent the time waiting! Good luck with tonight!
  5. A friend and I went to Mugdock Country Park just north of Glasgow and saw about 15 per hour! Really bright ones aswell! It was suprisingly busy with loads of people there. Its really great to see something like that bringing a community together! The weather was actually fantastic from about 11 til 1, but it was just the moon that ruined the viewing! Still thought it a success though! Should be able to see some tonight, i imagine there will be about 25 per hour or so if you are in dark enough skies! Stacey
  6. Ha, not heated. We are both at Glasgow, Paul's just jealous because im way cooler than him! Stacey
  7. Hi Mike, It sounds like Jupiter you were looking at, although you should have been able to see some detail. I suggest you downloard Stellarium -http://www.stellarium.org/ It's completely free and you can program it to your own skies. It's a fantastic tool for beginners to help you get to know exactly what you are looking at! Good luck tonight, hope the weather is clear! Stacey
  8. Amanda you are right about the exposure time on the cameras. Basically the exposure time was set to capture the moon walks, since the moon was so bright, with not only sunshine but also earthshine, the pictures would have been saturated had they had an exposure time long enough set to "see" stars. The lunar dust is actually highly reflective from what i gather, so alot of the radiation incident will be reflected back. This actually ties in to the arguements about the disappearing crosshairs in the apollo pictures. Sometimes people forget that the moon is an alien world. You simply cannot com
  9. Indeed Paul, thanks for keeping me right, yes the time dialtion taken into account is due to the spacetime having less curvature, so GR. Thats what a whole day of studying GR does to you. But the fact that GR is somewhat postulated on SR goes to show Einstein was clearly on the right tracks! Stacey
  10. Apart from the fact the writer of this theory has no scientific credibility, the reason his arguement is wrong is that he is surmising his theory with classical Newtonian Mechanics. In Special Relativity, Newtons laws do not hold, just as they don't in the quantum world. You can't just simply add velocities. Yes time dialation and length contraction are consequences of Special Relativity, different observers are in different inertial frames and will have different measurements of quantities, however the speed of light will always be 'c' arriving at the detector. Relativity isn't an easy thing
  11. Hey Paul, Yeah it was Dr Woan, he emailed me a few links talking about hacking into the mount. I also spoke to steven and he thinks it can be done. but him and martin would need to help me with it. It was really to start with for imaging, but im looking to buy a scope more suited to taking spectra and imaging in the next few months or so. Whats the price range roughly for an HEQ5 Pro? Stacey
  12. Thanks Ron, I'll have a look One of my lecturers emailed me about it there and also suggest Ursa Minor, he also thinks its not just a straight forward job, but he has some ideas. Here are the links he gave me incase you are interested in doing the same! HOWTO: Turn a SkyWatcher SupaTrak mount into a GOTO mount... and http://rwg.astro.googlepages.com/supatrakmounthacking Stacey
  13. I'd suggest Stars and Planets by Ian Ridpath. I bought this book from the JFK space centre when i was 11, and it's what convinced me to get into Astronomy. I also know its the same book that the guides at the Glasgow Science Centre planetarium use, and for having no prior knowledge of Astronomy they know their way about the skies just from using that book! Also on the subject on the laser, I managed to get a 30mW one from ebay for only £16 delivered! They are particularly handy for pointing out things to other people! Good Luck! Stacey
  14. I recently bought a SkyMax 127 http://www.firstlightoptics.com/prod...27SupaTrakAUTO Thats the model there as im not very good with the technical stuff (more of a theorist lol) Basically I was wondering if there was anyway to connect this up to my laptop and control it using software such as Stellarium or Starry Night? Thanks, Stacey
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