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  1. Thanks again for your fast reply, Robin. I decided to try reinstalling the Logitech driver and try captures both in your program and VirtualDub. I got a bit excited at first with VirtualDub as it appeared to be capturing at 30 fps uncompressed at 1080p, but upon reviewing the video I notice a lot of artifacts and the file size was very small, around 300 MB for a 2 min file, so I knew Virtual Dub must have compressed even though specified not to. I then tried a capture in your program again, this time with the Logitech driver. No matter the gain setting, nothing but 95% plus dropped frames at any resolution and fps. Therefore, I deleted the driver and just used whatever Win 7 provides. Once done, I get 1080p uncompressed at 5 fps in SharpCap. I wonder if a better driver is available somewhere for this c920, something other than Win 7 native and Logitech? I also wonder if I added a USB 3 card to the laptop would make a difference in fps with the C920? In any case, thanks for this program! Since I'm using it non-astro, the absolute best feature to me is the ability to capture uncompressed at 1080p. This has resulted in a huge, artifact free improvement in a resulting image after stacking. Before the 920 came along, I had been using an Aiptek HD camera, but always ended up with artifacts at the edges of images, even after stacking, and if only mild unsharp masking was applied. The artifacts were a mystery to me and I always blamed them on the image intensifier screen... that is unitl I replaced Aiptek with the 920 and did uncompressed captures with SharpCap. Now, no more artifacts. By the way, my non-astro application is as a live/post-life security system with a 2nd generation image intensifier so we have ideal night vision capability. This system has been in place for 2 years and the existing Aiptek camera decided to quit working so it was replaced with the 920. Alf
  2. Thanks, Robin. LED on/off function was available when the Logitech driver was installed but, as I indicated, I had to remove it. Any idea why I was unable to capture correcly while trying to use SharpCap with the original Logitech driver? Is there a workaround that would allow use of the driver? The symptom was as many dropped frames as being acquired while using the Logitech driver. Alf
  3. New user of SharpCap and I have been using it in a scientific study application. I have been using it with a Logitech C920 at 1080p. The version of the program I'm using is the latest non-beta version. Initially, I had as many dropped frames as aquired during preview and capture, so I decided to uninstall the Logitech drivers and software. No more trouble with that since, but I am left with one difficulty and also a couple of questions: 1) Since SharpCap is working better without the Logitech drivers, I have also lost the ability to turn off the webcam LED. Is there any way to turn off in SharpCap? I can't just cover up the LED since using this in a non-scientific app and I need the LED initially for focus. 2) I seem limited in uncompressed 1080p mode to 5 fps. This really isn't a problem, but just wondering if any higher uncompressed fps were possible? 3) Finally, is there any way to adjust shutter speed? Again, not essential for what I'm using the webcam for, just curious. Thank you, Alf
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