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  1. Dion, For cats that don't even belong to you (and some that do) may I suggest a trip to your local Garden centre or better still Safari park, and purchase a bag of Lion S*$T. Apparently the little cats are very scared of the big cats doo doo's and leave the gardens well alone, does leave a bit of a pong for a few days, but keeps working after the smell has died down. Tony
  2. The best & worst example of murphy's law I've heard of in a while, lol Or was it Sod's.......??
  3. Julian, Not sure where you can get more info, sorry. this was all part of a programme on National Geographic 2 or 3 nights ago. It was quite an interesting programme based around NEO's amongst other topics. The programme was called building for our future I think, & this was one of 4/5 items in the programme. The item in question is some 3km across so is easily divertable, providing they can actually hit it, hense the soon to launch mission to map it out etc. Not sure if we'll see Bruno & the boys riding yippe kyay style through our close proximity, but it does make you think.
  4. The dinosaurs were wiped out by an asteroid hitting the earth, this can be seen by the crater left (known as the gulf of mexico). Mineral deposits in the rocks that have been tested from the seabed have carbon dated to the time that they went into extinction. The NEO (near earth orbit) event suggested by the Myans has some credulity. Apparently there is a satelite due to be launched in the next 6 months to orbit and scan an asteroid that is currently some 250,000,000km away & on a collision course with earth. The aim is to scan & map it with a view to launching some type of bomb at it within the following 2 years to knock it of course by 1km thus avoiding us (we hope). The effects of an asteroid hitting New York, Personally I would say there will be a lot of apple juice,lol.
  5. but just on an intuitive level -- what's the point of a universe so vast if we're the only ones in it? It would just be such a... waste of space.
  6. Lee, Only a suggestion, but you could investigate having it cut by someone with a waterjet profiler. high pressure water, & extremely accurate, & able to cut any shape. Only a suggestion though. Regards Tony
  7. WOW somehow doesn't quite cover it. AMAZING shot.
  8. Hi Alicross, I was in your position a few months back. Try reading the thread here , It may help al ittle. Regards Tony
  9. John, Nice to hear your Dawn's on the better side of tratment now & all is improving. Good to hear some goods news in these tough times. Good luck to you both. Tony
  10. Great thread, I myself have only just begun on the journey of finding what glorious beauty & inspiration lies at the end of a telscope or binos. It always fills me with wonder to see the great, deep blue/black open skies (when they are there). All the problems of life just pale into insignifigance in the grand scheme of things. To try to explain it to someone other than our little fraternity of friends is not an easy task. I have tried on numerous occassions to explain what it is I see out there to my partner. Yes I see stars, & galaxies, & nebulae etc. But to me, I also see the places that one day hopefully man will go, & not be confined by the forces of grabvity & his own mind. "To boldly go, where no ONE, has gone before" I seem to remember someone saying. The peace & quiet, the solitude, & the sense of belonging to something far more than we, at this moment in time, still cannot fully comprehend. The feeling & knowing that we all belong to something far more than our little blue planet. If only all of our minds were as infinate as that which we all can see through our magic little tubes.
  11. Take a look at FLo (link at the page header). If they don't have it listed on the site, give them a call. A couple of the most helpful guys you'll meet.
  12. Hi Andy, And Thanks, I think from looking at that, that Carl was correct. hopefully the skies will be good tonight & I can have a decent look tommorrow morning. Tony
  13. Thanks Carl, I had a suspision that the first was mars, but am still relatively new, & at 6:20 this morning, bearly awake, lol.
  14. Hi Ladies & Gents, Just a quick couple of questions really. I was up rather early this morning, & noticed some rather bright objects in the sky at around 06:20am. not unusual you might say, they would be stars etc. to which I am inclined to agree. But which stars or DSO's would they be?? The 1st was just to the left of Orion at about said time this morning. The second was at approx 90° to the left of Orion at about the same hieght in the morning sky. I made a somewhat lathargic attempt to view the first, but in my slightly sleep filled haze, couldn't quite focus clearly. Could anyone tell me what they are please?? So that I might attempt a more structured attempt at viewing them without the hinderence of a sleep filled haze, lol. Maybe set the alarm for an early morning session (skies permitting of course, & alarm on silent so as not to wake the monster beside me waiting to tear me apart for daring to wake her at such an ungodly hour:icon_eek:, lol). Happy spotting Tony:D
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