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  1. James mine is a mid 2012 i7 2.9 16gb ram neil
  2. James thanks I will not be upgrading to big sur as my MacBook Pro is too old Neil
  3. Hi I have just upgraded to 6 pro has it was 1/2 price on Apple App Store and it goes automatically on my iPad at £19.95 Not heard about 7 neil
  4. Hi James sorry for butting in I am new to Apple MacBook Pro will a iSight webcam work with oacapture neil
  5. Hi try here https://www.at-infocus.co.uk/product-category/used-equipment/used-binoculars/
  6. Hi you could try making a Hartmann mask https://www.diyphotography.net/make-use-hartmann-mask-quick-easy-focusing/
  7. Hi if it was me buying it and I had the money I would get the 6" nexstar has I have the 6" evolution and you would get better views with the 6"" over the 5" and I got mine from Adam at RVO
  8. Hi Vicky thanks for the link just downloaded to iBooks.Can you check my membership because on the WADAS members page it says I haven’t paid Neil
  9. Hi I have SS 5 pro does SS6 plus have slewing when you tilt the iPhone/iPad neil
  10. Hi Vicky I think you need a bigger car don’t forget to make room for the beer Neil
  11. Nice caravan where do you keep it i gave up caravaning about 10 years ago neil
  12. Hi thanks for the replies I have being looking at the Helios range on Rother valley optics web site and it’s only about 35/40 mins drive I might have a look
  13. Hi I am after some new binoculars mainly for birdwatching but also Astro work being looking at Optricron Zeiss and Leica 8x40/42 ed glass price from £350-£850 any ideas
  14. Yes stupid predictive text just edited
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