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  1. Hi all, just an update! So i finally got lightroom and had a tinker with it last night and this was the result of restacking my image, editing in lightroom and then layering with an image of the observatory! just wanted to say thanks for everyone's tips and tricks, would of liked a more developed milky way but for a first attempt i'm pretty pleased to be sticking this in my module portfolio! Thanks all!
  2. Thanks il have a look! i have the problem that the observatory is right on the end of campus and as you can probably tell i get huge amounts of light pollution!
  3. Ahh okay, thanks for the tips! Il try and take all this into account next time and see if I can get something better out of it. What kind of programs would you recommend? I downloaded DSS but need to get some image processing software too
  4. Thanks for the help! Yeah i took a separate photo of the observatory to use as the foreground, just wanted to try and get the Milky Way looking as good as possible! I’m not too sure what you mean by making sure the light histogram is clear and stacking artifacts? All images that were included in this image were taken within a 1 hour time frame, is this too much? Also nice edit on the photo, what did you do? Would you mind if I used it to try and make an image with the observatory just for practise? Sorry about the questions! I’m super new to this and feel like I’ve jumped in at the deep end! Strangely find imaging from the scope so much easier! cheers Alex
  5. I did not know that! Il use that next time, thanks! For some reason when I clicked the image I sent it was very zoomed in. The Milky Way should run down the middle and it’s not the brightest part, would just love to have an image for the portfolio of the observatory with the Milky Way in the background!
  6. Hi everyone, sorry about the late reply ive been manic busy! So i tried keeping my exposures well within the exposure time i got from the 500 rule, i was using a really stable photography tripod and had my camera focused and pinned. i just thought i should be able to get longer shots without trails, because i feel my sky is underexposed. Kinda bummed out seeing as the camera is astro modded and can produce awesome shots when attached to a scope. Ive never even heard of this barn door method, i'l look into it! I tried to stack about 20 photos from the milky way shots with some dark frames just to see what they came out as. I used DSS which I've never used before and the photo i saved seems annoyingly close to showing some kind of milky way band through the middle, but seems really whited out and like the exposure needs fiddling with. IS this image worth chasing to bring something out do people think, or should i write it off as practise and try again? Its for an astro portfolio I'm creating at university but I'm new to image processing software and taking images of the whole sky and no matter what i read about milky way shots i just cant seem to crack it! Cheers Alex milky way 29-11-18.TIF
  7. Hi there, Im trying to take photos of the night sky using just my Astro modded camera on a camera so i can practise with some foreground and background shots. It seems that no matter how short i keep the shutter speed i get star trails. I'm using an 18mm-55mm standard kit lens, and at 8 to 10 seconds I'm still getting star trails when i zoom in. Following the 500 rule i should surely be well in my limits taking 10 second exposures? Ive attached some images i took tonight whilst trying to image what i could of the milky way bands and also Mars and Neptune together, but none of them seem really clear or in focus and when i zoom in they all have trails? Whats the best technique? In the second photo you can barely see where the bands of the milky way should be, but if i increase the exposure time any more the trails become too obvious. Cheers Alex
  8. Ahh I thought that would be the case! Do you happen to know then if you can plug a computer straight into the scope and use a computer program to direct the telescope? :) Many thanks!
  9. Hi there, I recently picked up an Orion Skyquest XT8 intelliscope second hand but it didn't have the handset with it as it was lost. I already have an NEQ6 mount for another scope with the SynScan GOTO controller and don't have £250 for the Intelliscope controller, so I'm wondering if i could use that instead? I know the wiring of the ethernet cables is different and the Intelliscope is a push-to mount but if i could rewire a cable so it works with the SynScan controller and the intelliscope port, would it be possible to use the SynScan controller on the Orion Intelliscope set up, or would the fact ones GOTO and ones push-to mean it still wouldn't work? Man thanks! Alex
  10. Thank you very much, that should be a huge help! I take my mount off at the end of every session as i'm worried it'll break seeing as its electronic and i have no real cover other than a tarp over it, do people usually just leave the whole mount out then?
  11. I dont use EQMOD, my mount is the only tracking i have at the mo, im looking into the autoguiding route, but want to sort the issues im having first. What would you like a photo of and il see if i can sort one out?
  12. To polar align i opened up the polar scope and pointed it at Polaris, which was super tricky to work out which it was, but on the tutorial it said it didn't need to be Polaris as long as it tracked fine? Once id found it i centered it on the cross and rotated the RA axis through 180 degrees, it drifted off so i brought it back in by half way the distance it had drifted and then rotated again and repeated until it stayed on the cross as i rotated the RA. I then 'moved' the star down so that it was in the 'Polaris circle'. I haven't tried drift aligning no, (excuse my ignorance here) but what is that?
  13. Im using a wireless remote to trigger my DSLR and the whole set up is on a brick pier so it should be very stable! i havent had this issue before when ive imaged, and i managed to take exposures that night of M51 without the same trouble (just about managed a minute with minimal trail). Its very puzzling and i have no idea where to go with it? :/ I think im going to have to find another clear night when im not busy and retry now ive tweaked the Polar alignment.
  14. I use a wireless remote, i have my DSLR attached to the prime focus using a T ring and the whole set up is on a brick pier, so it should be pretty sturdy!
  15. This photo had an exposure time of 1/5s, but still shouldn't have so much movement. Im starting to think your'e right Ronin that it is some mechanical interference. IMG_0302.CR2
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