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  1. Thanks for the reminder. Just firing up the iplayer now! Regards Graeme
  2. Wow! I got a third and I've only just noticed! Sorry I've been away. Thank you very much. Regards Graeme
  3. Welcome Makeitso. I'm in Kent and a member of MKAS. (https://www.midkentastro.org.uk/) We meet at Breadhurst every other Friday. Regards Graeme
  4. Thanks Michael It's a Celestron SCT on a CGX mount. I'll try that. I need to get the APT Plate Solving up and running then I won't need to spiral! Regards Graeme
  5. Hello As a fairly experienced visual astronomer I'm quite new to astrophotography. One of the problems I have is setting up with the camera and a pc monitor. With an eye piece and prior aligned finderscope, alignment and polar alignment is fairly straightforward but with an F10 SCT and a Canon 600D it's quite a challenge. With my GPCAM290 (with 0.5 reducer) it's an impossibility! So I put together a spreadsheet to help with spiraling out from the initial telescope alignment position to find the alignment star. A pattern emerged, from the origin, 1 tap up, 1 tap right, 2 down, 2 left, 3 up, 3 right etc. The experienced here no doubt already know this but I thought those at the same level as me might find the attached useful. Regards Graeme Spiral.pdf
  6. Fixed it! There was a Windows.old folder on the hard drive which had the drivers in and I deleted it before another install attempt. It works now! Thanks anyway. I'm off to set up for some full Moon imaging tonight. Regards Graeme
  7. Thanks for that. Yes, I read that too. And I was doubly sure after uninstalling and installing again. I'm guessing uninstalling the programme will uninstall the drivers as well for a clean install?
  8. Thanks for the response Peter. I get the same symptoms with Sharpcap which also works fine on the laptop.
  9. Hello I've been successfully using my Altair GPCAM2 290C connected to my laptop for a couple of months. Now I have an old ish second hand pc in the garage running Windows 7. I've downloaded and installed Altair Capture but the programme doesn't seem to see the camera. Windows Device Manager can see the camera and the red light flashes on the camera but it doesn't appear in the Altair Capture Camera List. Could anyone advise where I need to start my troubleshooting please. I've tried uninstalling and re-installing Altair Capture to no avail. SP1 is installed. Thanks Regards Graeme
  10. Another part of the Terminator taken 10th April. Celestron 9.25 SCT. Altair Astro GPCAM2 290C with a 0.5 Focal Reducer. 100 fits Debayered in PIPP Stacked in AS!2 Sharpened in Gimp Regards Graeme
  11. Part of the Terminator taken 10th April. Celestron 9.25 SCT. Altair Astro GPCAM2 290C with a 0.5 Focal Reducer. I took 100 fits but this is just one saved as a png. Stacking doesn't seem to improve the image! Need more practice! Regards Graeme
  12. Christmas Present: Altair GPCAM290C - That and the Brian May 3D Apollo book and the Paul Sutter book, I had a great Christmas. Telescope: Celestron: 9.25 SCT - Retirement present to myself, nice telescope, didn't quite get a perfect focus. Mount: Celestron CGX - Tracks nicely now I've learnt to polar align it. Imaging: SharpCapPro - 10 x Fits, no darks or lights because I lost the usb connection to the mount and it was too late to set it up again! Pre-processing: PIPP - 10 x Tif to de-Bayer the fits Stacking: Registax 6 Processing: Gimp - A quick tweak with curves, levels, colours and hues but I'm still stumbling in the dark really!
  13. Sorry to resurrect this one! I searched for Sony Alpha A300 and found this thread. I've just bought a very nice Celestron CGX 9.25 and I plan on attaching my Sony A300 to it. I've downloaded Sony Imaging Edge but just found out that the Sony A300 doesn't do remote viewing on a pc screen! Does anyone know if there is a way of displaying my live view on my pc screen or will I be doing old school eye piece swapping? Regards Graeme
  14. Well I've compiled a Nexstar Observer list of the S@N Deep Sky Tour but I can't find the PS3 hand controller charging lead to connect the lap top to the CGX mount! We're moving soon so everything is packed away. I've used the Celestron PWI package and that's good and while it can't compile a custom tour it is possible to easily find stuff and goto from the database. It couldn't find IC1747 but looked it up online. Either way there's not much of an advantage over using the CGX hand controller for observing that I can see. I'll have another go when I get the camera set up after we move. At the moment I'm limited to my Sony A300 DSLR and the Sony Remote software.
  15. Not too sure why the font was that colour! But here it is again.
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